Wednesday, 13 June 2012

assallamualaikum and good evening my beloved students...

Congrates !!! some of you had completed the homework that i assigned you to do. For others please start wriring and give comment/correct your friends' writing. BELOW IS THE GUIDELINE that you have to follow. Your comment will definitely help your friend to improve.

THINGS TO LOOK AT                                                 Your comment on your friends' essay
                                                                                    (you can also use your own comment)
1. Read the whole essay                                                              (these are only examples)
 - a. what did you like? Did you enjoy reading the essay         - interesting story but paragrapgh 2 
   or hard to understand?                                                        is confusing. Do explain to me.

2. Introduction and thesis statement
  - a. do you think the introduction is inviting/interesting?             - your intro is interesting but you      
  - b. Is the thesis statement clear and relevant to the title?            need to correct your thesis.

3. Topic sentences
  - a. what is the topic sentences in p1, p2. p3 and p4? Are            - may be you change your     
       they related to thesis statement? are they clear? Do you             topic sent in p3 to...
   have any suggestion to improve any of the topic sentences?         because it is not clear.

4. The body of your essay
  a. check the supporting details and  the elaboration for                -this is your own comment
    the topic sentence in every paragraph (p1,p2,p3,p4).
  b. how has your friend developed each paragraph?
       has she used examples/quotations/facts?
  c. are there any parts of the paragraph that do not                -can you check again this  
      support the topic sentences.                                               sentences because              
                                                                                           they aren't related to..

5. Conclusion/concluding paragaraph
   a. is there a concluding paragraph?                                     - i like the way you conclude.....
   b. does it give a summary or general statement, look to
     the future, or express a thought or opinion. If not, you
     suggest how to make it interesting.

8. Vocabulary
   a. are they any words that could be replaced so ideas          - this word "..", i can't understand.
      will be clearer?                                                                  maybe you can use this word...

9. Grammar
   a. Spelling- check whether the word is spelled wrongly.        -check dictionary for this word ".."
   b. pls check on:

     - articles : a, the, an ,zero article(-)
    -  adjectives
    - prepositions : to, from. between, on, in, at, to ,under with, by
                           behind etc.
     - subject verb agreement : He is .../she is / it is/Ali is
                                             they are/ we are?you are
     - tenses    :  present tense eg..he goes/ we go/ i go
                       past tense  eg. he went/ they went
                       perfect tense eg. have gone/ has gone
                                                  had gone
                       continuous tense : is going to/was going to
                                                  are walking/were walking
     - active sentence
     -passive sentence

Practice checking your friend's writing and write your comment. Use your knowledge that you have acquired since primary school till now....
I check again your essay on monday 18 june...Tqsm


  1. Title: Kindness
    by Saibah

    I have a brother.He is not physically fit or in another word handicapped

    1. I am not happy because the idea is not clear

  2. A Person I Admire
    A person that I admire is Taylor Swift. Why?? That is because she never gave up in reaching her dreams. No matter how many times the world had failed her, she would never ever gave up. Instead of reminiscing on her failure, she starts thinking about her success.
    At the age of 16 years old, she had started to create her own song. She posts it up in the YouTube. Did everything she can to reach her dreams. Unlike Justin Bieber who is widely known all over the world because he reached his peak at the age of 16, Taylor Swift became famous at the age of 19.
    It took her 3 years to gain her rightful success.3 years!!3 years that is full with tears and failure! Along these 3 years, never once had she thought about giving up her dream!
    After 3 years of hard work, she gains her success. The way she never gave up no matter is what makes me look up to her. Another thing that made me look up to her is that she is a very mature woman. A couple years ago, she won an award. While giving her speech of gratitude on the award, a certain superstar rudely interrupted her saying she is not fit for the award and someone else should won it.
    Now, normal people would go ballistic about it. But not her. She was very calm. She just smile all the time that certain someone criticize her. That is a useful way to avoid fighting. I really admire her.

    1. you essay quite should used more rare words to get excellent essay

  3. My Best Friend
    I have 3 bff or widely known as best friend forever. That is Nurin Arifah, Farah Dalila and lastly Nur Syahirah. They have been with me through bad and good, through tears and laughter. I am blessed with bff not once, twice, but, triple!! How many of you have as much bff as I do? Not many, right?
    My 1st bff ever is Nur Syahirah. I met her when I was in standard 3. Go ahead, count just how many years have we been bff? 7 years – quite a long time right? We are neighbor that’s how I met her and became friends with her. When I was in standard six, right after UPSR (ujian penilaian sekolah rendah) I moved to somewhere else. Even though it was far, but we never stop contacting each other. We still contact with each other via emails, phones, letters and so much other ways.
    Nurin Arifah is my 2nd bff. I met her at the new school (refer back to paragraph 2 where I moved home and automatically change school) when I was in form 1 Epsilon (my favorite class ever). She was a very quite girl well, that is, until she met me. She changed from a quiet girl to a talkative girl after meeting me. She once said to me, “Thanks to you Izza, now I am a talkative girl just like you. Thanks for changing me !”. Okay, okay I know she said sarcastically but that is normal. As a bff it’s very normal to criticize our bff since they know we are only joking.
    Finally, my 3rd bff, Farah Dalila. I met her in form 2 at class 2 Gamma. Our meeting was not very nice. We hate each other at first. We were constantly quarreling with each other until something happens (Can’t tell you sorry!) and made us the best bff ever!
    That’s all I can tell you about my bff. I hope you have you own bff too. Have fun with him or her cause death are always around the corner and since you wouldn’t know when you are going away, have fun with your friends so that you would not regret it soon enough.

    1. you should used words best friends forever not bff.sorry to say you essay quite boring.

  4. What I Did During Last School Holiday
    During the last school holiday, I was busy moving, so, I was not able to have fun that holiday. I was busy packing up my belongings and tidying my new house. On the second week of holiday, mom decided that I should have some fun – house not really tidy yet – and I accept her proposal.
    So, that night, I called my best friends and set up a date to meet and have fun together. Later that night, after finish setting up a date which is tomorrow, I started unpacking my belongings, and search for a suitable clothes for my outing tomorrow.
    I wake up that morning feeling excited since this is our first meeting after I moved. I took quiet a long bath and after wearing up my clothes, I went down and make myself a simple breakfast. Right after eating, mom offer to send me to the train station. I accept her offers.
    Just when I was about to get in the car, my phone rang, so I picked it up and heard my friends voice. They told me to bring along my pajama since they decided to have a sleepover with me at my best friend’s house. After that, I told my mom about the addition of plan and she agreed with it without thinking twice, probably because she knew my friends.
    So I went back to my room, pack up my pajama and a few personal things and ran back to car. I was smiling from ear to ear at that time. After my arriving at the train station, I bought a ticket. Soon enough, I was on the train waiting patiently for the train to reach my destination.
    Finally, it reaches my destination. I walk out of the train and suddenly I heard my name being called out very loudly. I search for that voices frantically and finally, I saw them on the other side of the train station. They were waving their hands frantically.
    I ran to their direction and when I arrive there, they hug me as tight as they can. I was gasping for breath but feeling very happy. We went to a nearby restaurant to have lunch together. Then, we went to my friend house. Upon arriving there, we left our bags and went to the closest bus station and ride on a metro bus. Our destination is Mid Valley. At Mid Valley, we went shopping and after that, we watch a movie with a tittle ‘Snow White and the Huntsman’. Then, we went home and took a bath – not together, of course -. Later on, we ate dinner and went straight to our room. Well, it’s not really a bedroom, it’s a living room but that’s alright cause we can’t all fit in my friend bedroom, so we decided to just sleep at the living room. That night, we played a few games watch a few movies, ate some more and finally at – I’m not sure what time is it – morning, we fell asleep.
    After we woke up, we cook breakfast together and then we chit-chat some more. In the afternoon, my mother came to pick me up at my friend house. Why did she pick me up here and don’t send me here? That’s because she had some business to do around here today and not yesterday.
    We then went straight home and continued unpacking. Truly, even if it was only one day that I went out, that was the best day of my life.

    1. you essay good. you should improve you vocabulary and words.

  5. Family
    My family consists of a father, 2 mothers, an older brother, myself, 2 younger sisters and one younger brother. My father died last year because of cancer. Colon cancer, to be precise. He died at the age of 45 years old on 12 November 2012 at approximately 1.40 in the morning.
    Both my mother are on the same age. The same goes to me and my older brother. We were born with only 4 months apart. Please, don’t be mistaken we are not twins; we were born with different mother and same father. My younger sisters are 13 years old and 9 years old each.
    My older brother is currently studying at MRSM Taiping. He is smarter than me and that’s why he got an offer to study over there and not me. I don’t mind with that cause I know, even if I went there, I won’t be able to compete with other students since they only accept a high grade student and fortunately I’m not the type of student they want.
    My 13 years old sister is smart just like his brother. Oh wait, I didn’t tell you right, she and my brother are siblings with the same mom. Their mom is the first wife while the others are my siblings with my own mother, the second wife. I and my brother used to be close, but that was years ago, nowadays we are almost a stranger.
    My 9 years old sister and 11 years old brother are both quite annoying; seriously, they are very annoying. They are quite clever but lazy. That is all about my family.

    1. you essay interesting and amazing. don't used short form and similar words.

  6. Love
    True love happens between 2 different genders; men and women – not boys and girls! – only. Monkey love happens between boys and girls. This type of love doesn’t last long – usually – while the other type of love last till death. This is all according to my opinion. Other people may object it but I’m going to stick with it. Some people may confuse between like or love.
    Like is when we respect other people it can be anyone and with any genders whether it’s a men or women. As an example, I like my best friend simply because she is beside me in whatever state I may go through.
    Love is when whenever we were with him or her, our hearts would be thumping like crazy, our face flush because we were too embarrassed, a sudden short of breath, our action are awkward and we can’t talk fluently.
    It would be a total lie if I said I don’t have any admired people. I do, but I know that if I ever care about this feeling, I won’t be able to concentrate on my studies. I’m still a student, so, I need to have more concentration on my studies and not on my personal feelings. Sure enough, I passed my studies with flying colours and now is the time that I should be concentrating on my personal feelings.
    If I had ever followed my feelings before, I won’t be meeting a man that I still love till now even after our 23 years of marriage. This is what I call true love.

    1. your essay have points and i understand what you try to say. keep it up.

  7. “If only I listen”
    If only I listened to my mother’s warning before it was too late, I would still have both of my leg, but it was too late.. Thinking back, that day, I was going through a normal day and routine. But, all it took is one single cell to change it all.
    At precisely 2.00 pm, I got a call from my friend, let’s name her A, she is a ‘minah rempit’. She asks me to accompany her to the closest racing track. She was practically begging. I felt sorry for her and decided to help her. I ask my mother permission to go and accompany her but my mother disagree with it.
    I persuade my mom to give her permission. At last my mother agrees with it but she gave me one warning. “If anything happens, you will have to responsible for it.”. I was stunned. I persuade myself later on that nothing would happen. I would only accompany her. That’s all… - is it? –.
    We met at the nearest park. There, she gave me a ride on her big motorbike. I was having second thought but decided to go against it. So, she gave me a ride on a deserted place. There I met five teenagers looking at us sharply. I was seriously scared; I almost peed myself.
    They came closer inch by inch. My friend kept calm at first, but then, she ran back to her motorbike leaving me all alone with those boys. I screamed her name but failed since one of the boys cover up my mouth with his hand while the other holds my hand. Slowly they whispered to me that my friend had lost in a gamble during a race, and I was the ‘prize’.
    I was shocked. Thank God I learned some self-protecting moves, so I used it on them. Right after they lost grasp on me, I ran as fast as I could to get away from them. A few kilometers are passed when finally I saw other people and cars. I ran and ran and suddenly I saw a lorry right ahead of me. I couldn’t avoid that lorry and it simply hit me.
    That accident changes my whole life. Now I can’t walk anymore. I felt very ashamed on myself. If only I listened to my mother’s warning…

    1. give attention more to rare words and always try you best.

  8. The Embarrassing Moment in My Life
    The title tells it all, right? Okay, let me tell you, the embarrassing moment in my life happen last year.
    During teacher day, I was giving a performance; I was supposed to fight with an older student. Our teacher told me that he want me to pretend to be dead. So while we were fighting, I was supposed to roll forward but, because of my own mistake, I was rolling sideways!
    It was so embarrassing. Everybody is laughing at me but I pretend to not listening to anything at all and continued my performance.
    There are also those times when I accidentally hold someone hands thinking it to be my friend or mother. There’s this one time, I and my family are at the supermarket buying groceries. I went to the teenage cloth’s section and found one dress that attract me.
    I went back to the last place I saw my mother and saw a women wearing the same cloth as my mother. So, I pulled her hands to the teenage section and showed her that dress without looking at her. Then she said that I’m pulling the women. I quickly turned back and saw the person have been pulling. She was smiling at me. I told her I am sorry and ran back to find my mom. It was too embarrassing.
    I don’t have much embarrassing moment, but I think that a few people before me or after me has been through the same embarrassment.

    1. good essay and always give more interesting words and phrase.

  9. Good morning fellow readers! what a good nice day today. I hope all of you are in pink. today i would like to share to all of you about 'Person I Admire'...

    Mostly girls are attached to musicians. i have found that out because I am a girl. I like music very much. I admired musicians so much. It is because music is not easy to write, we must have passion to write songs. Not even just musicians but also novel writer must have the feelings on what we have wrote. That’s how it works.

    I admired Joe Brooks so much. He is one of my favourite star singer. He is apple of my eyes. He is not too familiar but he is so talented singer. I am the one of his fans. Before he became a singer, he began posting his music on Myspace when he was 17 years old. Fast forward several years, the 25-year-old, who was borned and raised in Southampton, United Kingdom and he was topped the U.K Myspace charts. He earned 20 million plays including me in just eight days. For me it was massively incredible.

    His previous album that I always keep on track is ‘CONSTELLATION ME’. He is also an independent artiste. He is supportive and funny person. He always posts in his activity and status on his social network so I usually visit his blog. He did quite a lot of travelling in nearby country like our Malaysia, China, South Korea, United State of America(USA) and of course his own country that is United Kingdom(U.K) to promote himself and his recently released album that is ‘A Reason To Swim’. Joe Brooks involved actively in his company that is ‘Joe’s International’. With in his involvement, Joe’s International success is quite impressive.

    Plus he is also a good-looking guy. What is the most I interested on him is he made his own songs with lyrics that sways and flows gently. He bared his heart in his songs. That is why I admired him. His songs were fantastic in acoustic version. Mostly his songs is related to teenage and also based on everything that happened around us. Sometimes his song is about the kind of situation that he was in, the girls whom he’s meet or dating, his friends, his family or his faith. He shared his message with in the songs that he wrote.

    I very admired his inspiration in music because as I said just now I like music but I always choose music that pleasant to the ears and touches the soul. I had read news about him. It says that when he was 16 he was approached by a big manager at the time and suddenly realized that this could be his future and perhaps could have a career.

    Today, as I can see he is totally a singer. I’m impressed that he can be what he dreamed off. He is good in planning his future. One of his songs that were my favourite is ‘Holes Inside’. This song tells that he was pain on the inside by a girl that hurts his feeling. In order to keep his relationship he had to face it no matter what.

    Till this day I still admired him. I often play his music and always keep on track on his latest news,songs or album from day to day and I hope he will give the best shot in his singing.

  10. Hye…we meet again on my blog…so today I would like to share to all of you about my pet.

    One afternoon, after I returned home from school, I saw my little cat named Hongki was lying on the floor. I discovered my cat was lying unconsciously. I felt so sad and by that time I felt stranged too. however my feeling turn off when I remembered what cause of this case.

    Yesterday my neighbor fed Hongki with the leftover food. From that moment my cat became not well. Maybe my cat felt unconscious because of the food. I pulled myself together and remained optimistic that Hongki would be save. Then immediately I brought him to the nearby vet. The vet doctor said Hongki was ingested too much poison and it passed away. The doctor apologized because he could not safe hongki.
    I felt very sad when the doctor told parents felt sorry for me .my parents tried to cool me down so they suggested to buy me another cat but I declined it.

    A few weeks later, on a cheerful Sunday. I go along with my friend Razif went to a pet shop. At the pet shop I saw many animals and many different breeds of cat. Suddenly I saw a cat which was familiar to Hongki. The cat was similar in size and colour as well as Persian cat like Hongki.

    I picked him up and the cat licked me on my check with so indulgent. I was so touched. Then, the manager suggested me to buy the cat and he offered me with an affordable price. With the special promotion. So I decided to buy the cat. From that day I took care of him and I called him Stardust. I bring him home and my parents was so happy to see the cat. Stardust was so cute and playful. i love him so much and i promised myself to take a good care of him

  11. What a happy day today...and welcome to my blog. Good evening to my beloved readers. now I would like to share about my best freind. so enjoy reading!

    Friends are the people that you know around you. Some of them that is your best friend. There were many type of people that live among us such as kind, polite, talkative, friendly and so on.

    I have a lot of friends but only one of those is my best friend again this year. Next to my class where she was placed that is 4 science 2. Her name is Nur Aqilah Husna or I just called Qyll. She is also a friend that I knew since I am in form one until now. We are buddies. She is talkative person and crazy sometimes. She loves eating and sleeping. She also loves watching japan dramas and Japanese songs. On our recess I will always go to her class to recess at the canteen together sometimes we just stay in her class to fill the time with chatting. We are also been accompanied with her friend that is Nur Atiqah Syamimi. She is also my friend and she is Qyll’s niece. It sounds crazy because they are in the same age. Usually we will share what was happen in our class, the teachers and the classmate. I will hear what Qyll will share and she also does the same. Sometimes I will visit her house which is not to far from my house.we are happy together.

    I have another four people who are also my best friends. Firstly is Nik Nurul Ain Ehzani. We just called her Nick. She had move away from this school to Sekolah Menengah Sains Azlan Shah at Pahang. She got 7 A’s and 1 B for her PMR examination. She is a funny person and also supportive. She will laugh when Qill and I making jokes. She is also loves to laugh. We always spent our times together. Nick is a clever girl. She is good in Mathematics. Nick and I was left- handed. We always share our interest together.

    Secondly is Nur Sakinah or I just called her Keena. She is my best friend again this year. She is next to me who is sitted in class this year. She is a talkative person. She is chubby and short. She is also a school prefect. She always gives her feed back when teacher say something. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable but I just ignore it because she is my friend. She always talk and laugh when teacher were teaching. She is always fighting for her justice. She got 7 A’s and 1 B for her PMR examination.

    Mas Norain is my best friend to. I just called her Mas. She is a tough person. She also loves to laugh. This year she has moved away to Sekolah Menengah Teknik Kuala Lumpur. She got 8 A’s for her PMR examination. She is also a supportive person. I miss her so much. I will send messages to her whenever I free.

    We were five altogether. We always spent times together and always keep in touch although we are in different direction.

  12. I will share about what I did during last school holiday...actually I'm happy spending time together with my family during last school holiday.

    Vacation is the time that we vacate in holiday that one we seldom spent. At times, we can enjoy and learn plus it can make an experience for someone.

    Last school holiday, my family and I bring along with my cousin went to Cameron Highlands in Pahang. We spend our holidays there. Cameron Highlands is the placed that many people often came. Some of them came from different country and state such as England, Korea, Japan, America New Zealand and so on. The weather normally cold than the other place that was located in Malaysia. It is because Cameron Highlands is located at the top of the hill.

    The activity that is often is planting, selling, marketing and so on. Apples, strawberries, grapes, tomato, tea, flowers and vegetables were planted there at some areas. There are stall, restaurant, market and shop were located at the side of the road.Boh Tea and Bharat Tea Company also located there. Where they sell and produced the tea.

    The visitors may enjoy theirself at the corner of the factory with a cup of tea. They can drink the original taste of tea after visit the plantation and factory.
    My father took a homestay as we visit there. We spend for one week there. First we visited the Boh Tea Plantation and factory. At there we could see the process that took place from A to Z. in times, we snapped a photo. Then we went to the Boh Tea Plantation.

    I was extremely happy. I asked my brother and my cousin to climb up to the top of the hill. On the way we climb up a took a photo of the big smile of them. Suddenly on the way we get down my cousin Aiman was accidently pushed me. As the hill was slippery I was fell down and rolled over and over from top to bottom. My cousin apologized me. Firstly I was mad and angry but then after I saw those laughing face from my other cousins and brother I accept the apology. I joined laughing together with them. However, when we went back at the restaurant and met my parents they were so mad about my dirty clothes.

    After we drank at the tea restaurant my father took us to the farm. There were many plants such as Japan mustard, purple cabbage, purple carrot. long bean and so on. Secondly we saw many fruit tree such as apple tree, grapes, orange strawberry, blackcurrants and so on. Then we went to the flower farm that was located nearby the farm that we went. We saw many flowers such as lavender, aloe vera, ladyshoes, rose, daisy, fire lily and orchid.

    After a few hours we walked inside we rested for a while at the nearby restaurant. My father treat us with the desert. There were many choices and it was so hard to choose. I decided to took a glass of strawberry yogurt with ice cream and my cousin Alysha chose a strawberry pie. We enjoy eating the desert. Then we continued our journey to the cactus farm. I was amazed with all those cactus plant .we continue our trip tomorrow as we were so tired. We arrived at our homestay at 6.45p.m. By the night we went to the night market to buy some food for our dinner. We bought ayampercik, rice, strawberry jam, bread, strawberry fruits and apple guava. This was my first time I eat apple guava.

    On the next morning, we went to the ‘Strawberry Moment’ restaurant. We ate our some breakfast there. As the last day we here my father spent some money for us to buy a gift to bring home. After that we went to our homestay and packed ourself to go home. We arrived home safely at 5p.m.

  13. Just a dream
    I saw my grandfather,Tok Aki was lying on the bed at hospital. On his body,there were too many wires. Tok Aki was sleep. Maybe he was in his wonderful dream. I walk slowly towards him. I am worry that I'll awoken him.
    When I want to sit down at the chair which was located beside his bed,I am shocked when Tok Aki's eye was fully exchange to white in colour. There was no more black eye ball in it. I am scared and hurriedly ran out from the room. I told to the nurse what happened and the nurse immediately call the doctor. They rushed to Tok Aki's room. My parents were lunch at the hospital cafe.
    I took my phone and call them. About 20 minutes later,they came. I told them about the incident. I assume that Tok Aki was stared at someone but I'm felt weird because just me and Tok Aki in the room just now.
    My parents and I were waited for the doctor outside Tok Aki's room. About 30 minutes we waited,a lady with white uniform and her stetoschope on her neck came out from the room. We quickly nearest to her. She informed that Tok Aki was in coma. Tok Aki's lung might affected by pathogen. She told us to be patient. My mom was cry immediately while my father tried to stop mom's tears.
    Along three days Tok Aki coma,I always visited him. One day,when I engrossed reading my novel in Tok Aki's room,I heard a voice. The voice became more louder and louder. I closed my novel and tried to find where was the voice coming. Three minutes later,the voice suddenly silent. Oops,my hair on my arm stand up immediately.
    I'll just forget the scary incident and I decided to shut up without told to anyone. Today was the fourth day Tok Aki's coma. My parents and I came to the hospital early after breakfast. The doctor want to make a check-up on Tok Aki. After the doctor had done her check-up,he said that Tok Aki can't be save. It was because the bacteria had spread along the blood capilary and affected the transport of oxygen. We entered the room to see Tok Aki for the last. I saw my mom's eye became red because along the day,she kept cried.
    But I can't accept this news because I love Tok Aki so much. He take care of me when my parents went to work. I'll shouted and I awake from my sleep. I'll look at around. My cried stop immediately. I'll met Tok Aki and apologise to him for my rudeness before. Now,I want to change my attitude. In other words,turn over a new leaf.

  14. My Pet
    One afternoon, after I returned from school, I'm was shocked because I discovered my cat, Momo was lying in unconscious situation. I'm felt so stranged why Momo unconscious. However,my strange feeling turn off when I remember the cause of this matter.
    Yesterday, my neighbour fed Momo with leftovers food. From that moment, the cat was not well. Maybe Momo was unconscious because of the food. I pulled myself together and remained optimistic that Momo would be safe. Then,immediately I brought Momo to vet.He said Momo was ingested too much poison and it passed away. The doctor apologized because he could not safe Momo.
    I'm felt very sad after that. My parents were symphaty on incident and they were tried to cheer me up. They suggested for me to get another cat but I'm declined it.
    A few weeks later,on a sunny Sunday, I'll go along with my friend,Abdul Wafi to a pet shop in a town. At the pet shop, I can saw many different breeds of cat.Suddenly, I saw a cat which was similar in size and colour as well as Persian cat like Momo too.
    I picked him up and the cat then licked my face with so indulgent.I was so touched.Then,the manager came to me and offered me with an affordable price. With the special promotion,I was immediately decided to buy the cat . From that,I was so glad with my new cat which is it's name was Stardust.

  15. essay
    Kindness as a great moral

    Kindness is a moral value that is good for an individual.It is a moral that comes from our heart.It is a praiseworthy nature in a human.Kindness is specifically divided among many types of ways.
    Firstly,kindness can be found in sociality.Sociality means certain activity or something that are doing in a community.For an example,an individual must help old folks whose are need help.Commonly,human can help them by help them bring something,help blind people across the road and also give a seat to a pregnant woman or old folks.Then,people also can join for religion class.From this way,they also can plus their knowledge.
    Secondly,a people also can show their kind by donate to an orphanage.Besides,people also can join 'gotong-royong' at old folk's home.Without help by people,the old folk which are stay there will felt sad and dissappointed with their life.As a kind people,we must show to them that we are care about them.Only with this way,they will become cloudnine and enjoy their life.Not just about the old folk, a people also need to report any crime site to police.Along this way,crimination in our state also may be decrease.Safety also was guaranteed.
    Next,kindness also must be learned for youngsters.So,parents must show good way in front of their child.For instance,parents can make sure their child to know how to be respect old age,good ways in their communication and in their action.In form of communication,parents must teach them for be polite in talking.In this way,parents must make sure that their child didn't use obscene in their language.While in action,parents must make sure they are not imitate behaviour action whether from media massa or so on.
    In a nut shell,kindness is a great value that all people must catch it.In sophisticated world like today,people must practice kind and good value in their life so that all people love to befriends with them.

  16. What did I during in my last school holiday


    1. you should put a coma after 'when we arrived , we saw many people.'

      'We sat on THE mat' is wrong, please change THE to A.

  17. If I listen


    1. your story is boring. 'Lislie participated in debate at her school' can be change into ' Lislie participated in a debate competition at her school' you use to many simple words.

  18. Love

    1. Change 'there was many people' to there are so many people very there.
      also, change 'his parents are sat on the mat under the shady tree' to 'his parent sat on a mat under a shady tree.
      Please recheck your essay.

  19. My Family
    My family has 5 members. My father name is Mohd Kassim bin Ludin. He is 47 years old. he woks as machinist. my mother name is Rohana bt Hj Moin. She is 43 years old. She is a house wife. Sshe is kind and loving person. My sister name is ain farahiah and adibah fathiah. both of them are 12 and 7 years old. my name is anis farhana bt mohd kassim. i’m 16 years old. i school at SMK Bukit Gading. That’s all about my family.

    1. You can combine two lines into one line such as. .. he is 47 years old. he works as machinist. into he is 47 years old and work as a machinist.


    “That’s not true. Don’t make up stories, please,” Mrs. Tan smiled and gently shook her head. “ My daughter! Naughty girl. When did I ever leave the stove on or forget to turn the shower off? Or forget to take my medication?”.

    Ju Ping was holding her mother’s pill box and trying to coax her to take her medication. The pills were still intact. Their visitor, her mother’s good friend, Aunt Emily, patted her mother and smiled sympathetically at Ju Ping.

    Ju Ping held her mother’s hand gently. She still could not get over the time when her mother went out of the house to throw the rubbish and was found wandering the streets ten hours later in a housing estate in another suburb. She was frantic with worry, looking for her mother around, the neighbourhood, calling up all friends and relatives, and even the police.

    Her mother had senile dementia. No one realised that something was seriously wrong, thinking her forgetfulness waa part of the process of growing old. It was when she kept looking for her father who had died five years ago that Ju Ping realised that it was more than mere forgetfulness.

    “Mrs. Tan, I’ve got for you your favourite nonya kueh for you – kueh talam. Have a piece.”

    “Thanks you, Emily, but .... . You have forgetten. It’s Uncle Tan’s favourite. Not mine. Where is taht old man? Call your father, Ju. He’s forever going out. Where is he?” said Mrs. Tan agitatedly.

    Ju Ping sighed. Emily looked at her good friend and sighed inwardly. Mrs. Tan was her mentor when she was a new nurse and had helpead and guided her for years. Mrs. Tan was well known as the strictest and kindest matron in the hospital. Looking fondly at her, Emily saw that Mrs. Tan still looked a picture of health. But she had been fading into her twillight world the past year.

    Shaking away her fears, Emily suggested taht they go out for dinner. “No! No!” Mrs. An was shaking nervously. “That horrible shop assistant will call the police and have me arrested. I will not step out of the door. Ju! Ju! Old Man!”

    “Calm down, Mother. It’s all right. No one will lay a hand on you. Sit down. I’m here!” Ju Ping coaxed her mother. After settling her mother down, Ju Ping turned to Emily. Seeing the perplexed look on Emily’s face, Ju Ping whispered to Emily, “ We were at the provision shop. I did not realise that Mother had taken a bottle of peanut butter and put it her handbag. We were walking out when the shop assistant confronted both of us and accused us of shoplifting.”

    “Didn’t you explain Mrs. Tan’s conditin to him.”

    “Of course i did. But he did not know what senile dementia is. And he yelled even louder, even after i had paid for the peanut butter. It was traumatic for my mum. She did not even remember putting it in her bag. And you know what? She hates peanut butter. My dad was the one who had to have it every day.”

    “Ju are you still telling stories. Teachers are like that. Talk and talk. In the class, and at home too. Come here ... er ... er ... Pat. Let me tell you how naughty Ju was when she was at school.”

    1. The story is nice. but... i don't really get your point. Like.. something is missing..

  21. My Dream
    My name is Jess. I would like to tell you about my dream. I have aiways wanted to travel since I was a young girl.

    I grew up in a small village in Melaka. It is surrounded by rice fields. My Family was very traditional and conservative. My siblings and I did not even visit thr town of Melaka. I used to wait eagerly for my fathe to come back after his trip to town. He would bring lots of delicious food for us and tell us about the big bustling town.

    From then on, my dream was to travel - to see new places and people. I spent all my free time watching travel documentaries and reading travel books. I love 'The Lonely Planet' and 'The National Goegraphic'.

    Now I am Astudent in a residential school. It is near the sea. No matter how much free time I have, I would explore the town with my friends. We would visit the tourist sites, try the local delicacies and make friends with the locals. We have even set up a website with a list of 'Things to see and do in Kuala Terengganu'. However what I love to do is to go to the beach. I am eager to explore all the small beaches and enjoy the fresh salty air.

    I am a member of the Drama Club of my school. We have organised activities with other drama clubs in the state. I take this opportunity to tour and make culture exchanges. We had a 'Drama Nite' recently in Kuantan. We had a lovely time in Teluk Cempedak. From the waikway, we climbed the hilland a bird eye`s view of the sea. i am saving money to go to Pulau Redang with my buddies.

    My dream for the future is to travel all over the world. I would love to go surfing in Hawaii, Miami and Sydney. I have collected articles and postcards on the surfing areas in the would. I also contribute to the school magazine.

    My ambition is to travel around the world and write about what I have seen and experienced. I am sure if I work at it, my dream will come true.

    1. Your story is good. but i suggest you use a few rare words to make it more interesting.

    It was just after 3 p.m. . Zahid had just finished his lessons today. The hot sun shone mercilessly from a cloudless sky. Beads of sweat gathered on his forehead and he was drenched I perspiration. When he was waiting for the bus, he saw an elegant woman. She looks like a rich person. Maybe she is in her early 30s. But there were two men who look very suspicious. They stared the woman eagerly.
    “Maybe she knows them” he said.
    But his thought was wrong. In a blink of an eye, one of the men grabbed her arm. He was trying to get the woman’s chain. She is being robbed! The woman tried to put on a fight. The other man then tried to take her handbag. The woman was pushed away. She screamed hysterically for the help. The two robbers who were panicked at her scream ran away swiftly.
    Zahid stared in disbelief. He then went toward the woman to help her. Some of the passerby saw what has happened. They gave the snatchers a chase. Zahid tried to get the woman to stand up. She got some injuries on both of her knees and the palm of her hand. He assisted the woman walk to the bus stop to give a shade for her. He ran hurriedly towards the public phone which is located besides the bus stop to call the police.
    A few minutes later, the police came. The passer by who help to chase the two snatchers managed to catch them. Both of them were handed to the police. The woman thanked Zahid. She offered some money to him but he kindly rejected her offer. He said he is sincere to help her and do not want anything in return for his kindness.

  23. MY PET
    In our lives, some people need pet as their ‘friends’. For me, I choose cat as my pet cat. My cat named Puteh. It has a pair of blue round eyes. Usually, at night in the dark it’s eyes will blazed red. It has two pairs of bright pink paws and light pink nose. Puteh loves it when I pat him on his back.
    Yesterday, I met again with the veterinarian. Before, he advised me to put Puteh on a good diet. Putih seems overweight. He does not like to eat too much, I think Puteh just lacks of exercises. Puteh spends most of his time in my house. So, he seriously lack of exercises. Even if I put him outsides the house, he will just stay there, in front of the doorstep, not going anywhere. What makes me worry when Puteh is outside the house is, there are too many stray cats around my neighborhood. They will fight with Puteh which is very defensive. Puteh will just run away and might end up falling down into the drain. Now, he has changed. This is just because his past experience for the first time in my hometown.
    Few months ago, my family and I went back to my hometown. We decided to bring Puteh too since he never stayed with anyone before besides us. We started our journey early in the morning to avoid traffic jam. He was quite nervous when the car started to move. Then, he slowly adapted with the long journey in the car. I rolled down the window so that he can enjoy the morning breezes.
    Once we arrived at my father’s hometown, Puteh ran excitedly out of the car. My grandmother also has two pet cats. Puteh gets along with them very well. At night, he slept together with us very quietly. Maybe he is too exhausted with the long journey in a moving car. The next day, we went to my mother’s hometown which is 45 minutes away from my father’s. The house was surrounded by durian’s orchard.
    Unfortunately, in the next morning, we realized that Puteh was missing. We went into the orchard to find him. I am very scared of what will happen to him. On the evening, we had to leave for my father’s hometown back, but we still did not find Puteh. My uncle promised me that he will sent Puteh back if he find it. So we just left there with heavy steps.
    I had to spend another night in my father’s hometown before we headed back to KL. Suddenly, around 3 in the morning, I heard Puteh’s voice. He then appeared in front of my eyes. I stared in disbelief. I was very overwhelmed when I saw Puteh. My uncle kept his promise! I called my uncle to thanks him. Now, my cat is very healthy. He loves to go for a walk unlike before. I think it is from his experience, lost in the orchard!

  24. MY DREAM
    Dream is something that all of us need to have. It is our vision. Dream is what you want to do for your future. I believe that having a great dream, is a must to us. And I have a big dream. Next year, I will confront a big examination, SPM. It is very necessary for us get a good result from this exam. This is our future.
    My dream is to be great neurosurgeons. I know it is not simple at all. But I know I can achieve it. I feel like this is my destiny. This is why I came to this world. I do not know when or how I am going to achieve this. But it will not be easy. I am constantly studying in school right now. I cannot give up even if I fail. There is a saying that failure is the greatest teacher. I know in order to pursue my dream, I will face failure. This cannot be stopped. Even Albert Einstein and Sir Isaacs Newton faced failure when they are trying to create a great formula that is remained to be used till today.
    I got influence when I watched a drama titled ‘Brain’. It is a very great drama. To me, brain is most powerful thing in this world. The human brain is the center of the human nervous system. It has the same general structure as the brains of other mammals, but is larger than expected on the basis of body size among other primates. It controls everything that we do.
    Brain is a very interesting and unique thing to study about. I would like to perform a surgery on brain. It will be hard, but I am ready because I always am. I will make a lot of money. I will buy my parents a house and they can rest comfortably in the house without doing any difficult works. They had gone through a lot in order to raise me and my sisters. I can always make a research on how to make a good but affordable surgery. It is very crucial because nowadays, the surgery especially on brain is costly. Not all people can afford this.
    There is not much brain surgery in conducted in Malaysia because there are not many specialists here. If someone need to undergone neurosurgery, they will fly overseas where the facilities is said to be more perfect. In 10 years from now, Malaysia will change to well develop country. So the facilities here will be more perfect. More brain surgery can be conducted here.
    Like I said before, it is very important to have a big dream. It is not wrong. Even if you cannot achieve if, just make it as your vision. Dream can help you to prepare to face this challenging world. What am I going through now is just the start. I just find the keys. I am still trying to open the door. When I finally did, I will not hesitate.

    The person that I admire is the most prominent Malaysian leader which is Dr. Mahathir b. Mohamad. As the forth and most dynamic Prime Minister of Malaysia, he will undoubtedly leave an everlasting impression on the sands of Malaysia for many years to come.
    Born on 20 December 1925 in Alor Setar, Dr. Mahathir is the son of teacher. After his early education at the Maktab Sultan Abdul Hamid in Alor Setar, he enrolled at the King Edward VII College of Medicine in the University of Singapore. He was armed with a MBBS degree in medicine and set up his own clinic, the Maha Clinic in Alor Setar. As a doctor, he came into close contact with people from variety background and enjoys a close relation with them. He is very understanding. So, when he was thrust into politic, he strove to fulfill the needs of people. Service to the nation has been his virtue.
    Once he was the Member of Parliament for Alor Setar in 1964. Holding a number of portfolios, including Minister of Education, Minister of Trade and Industry and Deputy Prime Minister, he finally becomes the Prime Minister on 16 July 1981. His contribution to the nation is so huge. He has left his mark in every aspect.
    Outspoken by nature, Dr. Mahathir speaks without fear or favors. This had been his special characteristics as a statesman. The inefficiency of local and international organization has always come under his criticism.
    Dr. Mahathir stepped down as the country’s fourth Prime Minister on 31 October 2003 and was succeeded by Datuk Seri Abdullah Ahmad Badawi. It has been more than two decades since Dr. Mahathir ruling Malaysia. It had undoubtedly been the golden era for Malaysia.

    Last school holiday, my family and I went back to our hometown, the eagerly-awaited holidays bring a respite from homework, lessons, extracurricular activities and exams. For me, spending a holiday at home is equally unbearable.
    0n the last day of school, I eagerly waited for the bell to ring at 1:10 p.m.. Then, I felt like a caged bird hat has just been set free. I slang my bag over my shoulder and make a beeline for the bust station. My hometown!
    We started our journey early in the morning. When we arrived, we had a quick lunch. I make a short exchange and headed for my favourite spot here- a secluded corner of my grandfather durian orchards. There under a shady spot, I sat down a surveyed the surroundings.
    Here, far away from claustrophobic classrooms, rushing crowds, busy sidewalks and congested streets, I enjoyed the solitude of nature. As I took my seat on a flimsy woody bench, and looked around me, I can see a flurry of activities. Birds flew gracefully and noiselessly above me while bees traveled flirtatiously from tree to tree, colourful butterflies flit about here and there flapping their fragile wings and ants scurry in a single file carrying bits of food on their tiny backs.
    A soft cool breeze blowed. I can hear the soft rustle of leaves. The air is heavy with the scent of shrubs and grasses coupled with the scent of ripe durians.
    I lied on my back with my hand clasped behind my head and watched streaks of sunlight filtering through the canopy of leaves. Soon I fall into short but deep slumber. When I woke up, I can see the sun slowly descending behind a row of far hills. Although I would love to linger for a little longer, I moved away reluctantly and leaved knowing that Opah would be waiting for me.

  27. A Person That I Admire
    A text message was send. I waited and kept on waiting. No replied from him as I checked my phone. A week passed by, it's felt like waiting for millions of years. I started to give it up but who knew something happened. My phone rang and a text message was received. When I read the name of the sender. I was shocked and jumped excitedly. It's him! How silly I was back then, aren't I? What can I said much? I just simply admired him.

    There were not much that I know about him. What I know that he is the youngest among his siblings. So, he may be a spoiled guy, I thought, plus he has a baby face look. But that was just based on my opinion. That's all. He may be not as what I thought he was. Except that, he was also classified as one of the clever students in my batch. If he is not on the first place, he would be on the second and vice verse. Clever guy, aren't him?

    Like others, there must be some reasons that make me, myself to admire someone like him not others. Here they are. Firstly, he is a guy who is best of both worlds. How? He is excellent in his studies and also active in his curriculum activity at school which was an traditional Malay defensing art called 'silat'. Besides, to me, he has an ability that not everyone could have. What is it? He can give anyone that bumps into him a first good impression about himself. That was also why many girls at my school liked him. This is because he is a good looking guy with fair and white skin plus his baby face which make him looks very innocent. Additional to that, he was a guy that full of beans and confidence. The confidence, it can be seen by just observing how he walk. But I want to make it's clear here that the way he is walking is absolutely does not look like others who acting macho and over confidence guy.

    But that's not all, there are also some special reasons that make me kept on admiring him although that now he is far apart from me since he got offer to study at a better school as he got result with flying colours in his PMR. He is the first ever guy I have seen that so concern about his appearance. To me, he always look nite, clean and simple whenever he was except when he is taking a nap, of course. Though that he is a clever guy, it is so hard for me to see him around books. And this year, I studied in the same class with him before he started to transfer to his new school. Along that time, I discovered many new things about his personality which cannot be seen outside the class. For an example, I just found out that he is a very funny, playful and talkative person. Which was exactly opposite from what I saw him outside the class. And you know what, it just make me more admiring him.

    Last but not least, I wishes that I can be best of both worlds that deserving me to stand by his side one day. I also hopes that he will become a successful person in here and hereafter. At the same time, wishes he would keep on maintaining good values in himself just like present in the future. That are what I thought about him, the one that I admire, 'Eiky'. Difference people, different opinions, right? As the saying goes, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

    1. assalam, zafikah. first of all, your essay are quite interesting but it has some mistakes.

      first, refer to paragraph 1 line 4, I was shocked and. . actually, you have to write I SHOCKED AND . .

      second, on paragraph 2 line 3, may be not as what I thought . . the correct sentence is may be not AS WHAT AS I THOUGHT . .

      third, on paragraph 3 line 2, a guy who is best of . . the correct sentence is a guy WHO IS THE BEST OF . .

  28. What I Did Last School Holiday
    Last Sunday, my family and I went jungle trekking. We left home at 7 a.m in the morning. My father drove his brand new car, Toyota Camry carefully to our set destination. My family and I were extremely excited because it is our first time went jungle trekking together.

    At 8 a.m in the morning, we reached at the nature park which located in Pahang safely without facing any trouble along our journey. The first thing we done as we reached, we checked in at the entrance. Then, my mother decided to buy a map and asked for some directions so that we would not get lost at the middle of the nature park.

    At 8:30 a.m, all of us set on the trek excitedly. After packed some stuffs that we wanted to bring together. For instance, lunch foods such as sandwiches , some snack which I loved most, drinks, picnic equipment and many. Along the ways, we saw many things that we never saw before likes extremely tall and big trees. By just observing, those trees, it's upper leaf just like will touching the blue sky above us.

    In the mean time, I also decided to asked my father, have he ever seen those trees somewhere else? He answered me in a blink of eye that he never seen those trees before. Then, I asked again. "Why not, dad?" He said to me that most of the trees which planted in this nature park were trees that facing extinction so it is hard for us to see it somewhere else just like the others ordinary trees.

    Sometimes,we even can not see anything in the jungle because those trees covered the sunlight rays. Luckily, we did brought together a torchlight. If not I think, all of my family members will keep on hitting anything that blocking ours ways. Except that, we also saw many kind, shape and size of animals in the nature park. For example, small animals like deer, colorful butterflies, beetles, insects and many.

    Later, we were excited because there were a flock of beautiful and colorful birds flied in the sky just above us. All of us stop walking to witnessing the beauty of nature. I was absolutely amazed by the nature around me. That particular moment, I felt that there are many things out there waiting for me to discover and studied yet. I also felt really bless because given this kind of opportunity to appreciate the nature more than before and realized the importance to our self.

    After a long walk, we arrived by the river. My father decided to build the picnic equipment so that my mother can served those foods that can make our mouth water and drinks that we brought from home for lunch time on it. After that, my others siblings and I decided to refresh our self in the river just besides our picnic site.

    At 2 p.m in the evening, we hiked back to the entrance of the nature park where we checked in before. Although the long way back walk was tiring but we were very happy and satisfied because we were able to spend our time together. To me, it is an experience that I would never be able to forgot in my entire life.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Assalam, zafikah. Firstly, your essay quite interesting for me. But there has some mistakes here.

      One of them is on paragraph 6 line 2, “ stop walking to witnessing the beauty . . ” . actually, “stop walking to witness the beauty . . ” . same goes to “ . . to forgot . . ” on paragraph 8 line 4.

      Second, on paragraph 7 line 4, “ . . the river just besides our picnic site. ” the correct sentence is “ . . the river just beside our picnic site. ”

      Whatever it is, good job.

  29. My Best Friend
    Friend? Who actually that we can called as friends? Person that called as a friend to me is a person that we knew, spent mostly of our time with and will always be at our sides in cold, rain or shine. There are many kinds of friends in this world. For instance, just ordinary friends, best friends, friends with different gender, only being friends for benefits and many.

    Just like the others, I also have friends that always there by my sides. But here I wanted to introduced the only my best friend.She is just like a best friend forever to me though I have met with plenty of different people. She will be always at the top of my chart list. You would have wonder that where will "boy friend" placed if best friend at the top of my chart, aren't you? Well, it's simple. I always put friend before boy friend. This because finding a true friend is more harder than finding a boy friend.

    I knew her since I was in standard five when she just moved into my old primary school, SJK (C) Kuang. Her name is Tan Yi Jing. She was 11 years old just like I am at the time. Yi Jing was placed in the same class where I studied, 5H. Or in the other words, she can also be called as my classmate. At the start, it is hard for me to know her true colour. As the time passed away, we started to know and appreciated each other. In technically, we came from different races, language used, culture, behavior and many. This is because she is a Chinese girl while I am a Malay girl but the different is what complete her and myself. Since then, Yi Jing and I became best friend and there was nothing that can changed it.

    There are many reasons why I liked being friend with her. To me, she is a well-mannered girl, hardworking in finishing any works, have a strong mentality in facing her illness and so on. In the short term, I like everything about her included her weakness. Why? Because that was what make her special in my heart. There are no perfect humans in this world, right? Except that, she also taught me many new things that I never heard before. She also never said no to people that needed her help. What a kind person she was, I wish that I can have her good values in myself in the future.

    But sad to say, since both of us continued our studies at secondary school. Both of us have lost contact to each other. This is because we studied at different secondary school. Right now, Yi Jing was studying at SMK Bukit Rahman Putra which located near to her home while I am studying at SMK Bukit Gading which sometimes I walked from home to school or vice verse. And I know that the location between both school is not far by using transport but it is time that always be the problem.

    Last but not least, I am still hoping that one day I can meet her again and I also wish her that she will always in good, happy and healthy condition. Always wishing the best for her. However that I was at SMK Bukit Gading, I just want her to know till now no one can replaced her as my best friend forever.

    1. Assalam, zafikah. Firstly, your essay quite interesting for me. But there has some mistakes here.

      One of them is on paragraph 2 line 1, " . . wanted to introduced the . . " . actually, " . . wanted to introduce the . . "

      second, on the same paragraph line 5, " I always put friend before boy friend. " the true sentence is " I always put friends before a boy friend. "

      third, also on the same paragraph line 6, " This because finding . . " you should write " This is because finding . . "

      that's all and good job, zafikah.

  30. My Dream
    Dream? what is meant by dream? To me, dream is something that everyone should have. This is because there was no limits and barrier or even rules that stop someone from having a dream. So, what are we waiting for? Start now by setting your own dream.
    My dream is to be a successful person at world and hereafter. Many people tend to think that only a person who has a good education will become successful in life. maybe we should changed the way we were thinking right now because research has shown that a person"s success depends largely on his attitude, enthusiasm and commitment. Each of us were born with different type of talent. But sad to say, many people do not succeed in life because they do not have a positive attitude.
    To be a successful person, we must set ourself to be more bold when standing in front of people. For example, I started to join school activities like public speaking which needs a lot of courages. Though for the first time, it does not when smoothly. At least, I have gained a new experience, right? This also can be called as challenges in life before being successful. Only a person with a positive attitude can cope with these challenges and move forward in life. All of us have problems in life but what make the different is how us react to them.
    Next, teachers at my school always advice my classmate and I that if you cannot go along with the elective subject that like biology, chemistry, physics and additional mathematics that you taken, you should drop it earlier because she said that maybe the opportunity is brighter in others fields. Honestly to say, that her advice have effected me a bit. Then, I realised that if we kept on following with what others said, when we will able to standing on our own feet's to become a successful person. I also started to arranged my timetable more effective and try to do anything with sincerely and persistent. Persistent? I take some examples from Thomas Edison, the great scientist. This is because he remained undaunted and because of his perseverance, that he is er-edited with over 1000 inventions and become success.
    In a nutshell, a person who wants to be successful should have no time for self-pity. We should start now by being future-oriented and look beyond the challenges and adversities that we face. By then, the dream that we have set will become more closer to be achieved.

    1. assalam, zafikah. first of all, your essay are quite interesting but it has some mistakes.

      first, refer to paragraph 4 line 5, " . . we kept on following . . " actually, " . . we keep on following . . "

      second, on the same paragraph line 6, " . . able to standing on . . " the correct sentence is " . . able to stand on . . "

      third, also on the same paragraph line 6, " . . our own feet's to . . " you should write " . . our own feet to . . "

      last but not least, your essay is a good one.

  31. My Pet
    One afternoon, when I walked returned home from school along the way which was covered with overgrown bushes and tall grasses. Suddenly my steps stopped after I discovered that my cat, Kashmir, was lying next to the doormat at the lining room unconscious. Just then, I remembered that my next door neighbour had once fed some leftovers to my cat. Since then, Kashmir became not well like kept vomiting all the time.
    I felt really sad when looking at my cat in that condition. My tears also started to drop when thinking about am I going to lose her. So, I immediately brought my pet, Kashmir to the vet's while she still breathing breathable without a think. After examined her, the doctor said that Kashmir was ingested to many poison in her body and caused he fatal. I felt really disappointed with the doctor because she could not save Kashmir. This is because Kashmir was everything to me.
    Later, I started to dropping my tears again and my parents as usual came to cheer me up. They also suggested to get me another cat. However, I decline their kind gesture to get a new pet because to me there no cat that can replaced Kashmir in my heart especially.
    A few weeks later on a bright sunny Sunday, I went along with my friend, Afiqah to the nearest pet shop for Afiqah herself. There was many different breeds of cat. Suddenly, I saw something that caught my breath away. Not believing in with my eyes saw, I get nearer to one of the cages there to see more closer. Then it confirm what I just saw right now was similar to Kashmir whether in size and colour except one characteristic that, it was a Persian cat while Kashmir was not.
    I decided to pick her up. Suddenly, the cat kinked my face. Next, I immediately decided to buy her. In a blink of eyes, I felt really happy and named it as Stardust.

    1. assalam, zafikah. first of all, your essay are quite interesting but it has some mistakes.

      first, refer to paragraph 1 line 3, " . . lining room unconscious. " actually, " . . lining room unconsciously. "

      second, on paragraph 2 line 3, " . . the vet's while . . ". you should write, " . . the vet while . . ".

      third, on the same paragraph line 5, i wonder is it your cat was a male or female because yo wrote " . . caused he fatal. " emm. mabye you wanted to write " . . caused her fatal. " but, never mind. it was a technical problem, right?

      so, that's all for now.

  32. Random Acts of Kindness
    What does we knew about kindness? To me, kindness is an expression that we express and come directly from our heart. In other words, there is no fakeness in expressing kindness to someone. Especially in country like Malaysia, kindness can be a bridge that brings citizens from different background and culture together.
    That is why kindness plays a major roles in our lives. As a well-manner student, we should practicing kindness in our daily life. Then after sometimes, the kindness will express naturally from our heart. By then, we are not only get respect from people surrounds us but also become a good role model to the others. It is not hard to be a kind person, as far as we have the will. As the saying goes where there is a will, there is a way. For instance, when we saw our teachers carrying many books in their hands. Why not we give them a hand.
    Except that, parents are also play an important role in forming their child's mannerism. That is why parents must give their's child a good example by practicing good behavior like kindness every single day. This is because children mostly spend their's time with their parents as them leave under the same roof. With that, them always referred them in everything their's parent done. To parents, their child's future are very important as them want their's child to become best in both world. So as parent, we should not only focusing our's child to studies but also the form of the child's attitude.
    Last but not least, we must be a bit social but not that socialist which dissent from religion. Surrounded by people , we must watch our attitude day and night. Kindness is the easy way to get close to people. For example, when we are in situation which was when we are in a bus that fulled with people and there is an old citizen standing shakily on his feet. As a human that have kindness inside our heart. The first thing we should do is lending the seat to him and so on.
    In the nutshell, kindness is one of the nature that God gives us so that we can live along by having kindness as the connection. That's why we should practicing it because it is something that so precious for us to wasting it just like that.

    1. assalam, zafikah. first of all, your essay is interesting for me. but there is some mistakes here.

      after I observe the essay, I realize that there are some mistakes such as the usage of grammar. For example, on paragraph 3 line 2, " their's parent . . "
      This is because 'their' shows that it is already belong to them. So there is no need to put " 's ".
      But still, there are some idioms which was a good writing.


    If only I listen to the forest ranger, we will not lose in this thick scary forest.
    “We’re lost,” Rahim said in a barely audible whisper.
    “Why don’t we follow the trail?” Johan suggested in same tone.
    “There is no trail to follow,” I snapped with a flicker of irritation. “Rahim is right, we’re lost in this jungle.” We sat sadly. Suddenly we heard loud peals of thunder. The long branches of trees started gesticulating wildly in the storm. Sheets of water cascaded from the sky. We ran for cover and the darkness was slowly enveloping the jungle.
    “We will find our way out here tomorrow,” my voice broke the silence.
    “That is, if we survive the night,’ Rahim murmured. Overcome by a hopeless sense of despair, we floundered. We crawl under some shady trees to spend the night. Although we were exhausted, we could not rest our minds and bodies. The hours dragged by.
    At daybreak, we decided to walk again. The ground was soggy after the downpour of the previous day and we could not ignore the gnawing pains of hunger and thirst. Suddenly above the silence of the jungle, we heard the gurgling sounds of water. Then from a leafy screen, we saw the glistening of a winding, silver stream. After quenching our raging thirst, we continued walking until we came upon a footpath. Our spirit rose. The thought of being reunited with our families were uppermost in our minds. Our pace quickened.
    After an hour’s walk, we reach a junction. Ahead was a bumpy road littered with potholes filled with water. Then, from the distance came the spluttering sound of engine of a vehicle. As it came into sight, we saw an old pick-up truck driven by an old farmer.
    “Want a ride?” the old man asked.
    “Yes,” we replied simultaneously. We climbed the pick-up truck. It was a bumpy ride but we did not mind.

  34. My pet, Sangki
    I have a mischievous little cat. My sister got him at the store were he was being sold. She bought her and named her Sangki. She was eight weeks old. When she got home and just laid on the flour.

    My cat, has ruff fur and brown fur. I like having my cat because She is a lot of fun.My cat is also a good hunter and sometimes she catches big birds . She is a very nice cat but sometimes she can be very annoying. When she’s crazy she tries to play and will bite me. An interesting thing is that he will try to hug my leg.

    Sangki surprised me when she caught my mom's rabbit in her mouth. The rabbit was huge. I told her to let the rabbit go. At last she let the rabbit go .Then the rabbit hit my leg and ran off. My mother felt so sad and she hate my cat. I apologized to my mother and promised to buy another bunny for her.

    My cat loves to play. She plays hide and go seek. She also plays chase the cat with my father. That is all of what she plays. My whole family accept excluding my mother loves her.

    Some things that scared me was when she would get stuck in a tree. I would have to help her get down. I scared with high too. But I need to overcome my fear in order to save my lovely cat.

    My cat is annoying when he wants food she meows all day long. Another annoying moment is when she wants to go out side he meows all day long until you let him out side. But she still cute. My day is not perfect if I don't listen to it's Meows. I hope she love me the way I love her. I like my cat a lot and I could not live without her.

    1. Salam,kak L-LOD..

      First of all,your essay have wrong grammar at paragraph 1,line 2..the sentence SHE BOUGHT HER AND NAMED HER...
      You should use SHE BOUGHT HIM AND NAMED HIM...

      Secondly,I am not clear with your cat sex..whether it is male or female..It is because at paragraph 1,you use SHE but at paragraph 2 and the rest you use HE..

    2. Hey,Salam.
      Very interesting. But for amimals we suppose to use 'It' right ?

  35. My Dream will come true.. someday~
    I guess everyone around the world have their dream. There are two types of dream. First, a series of thoughts, images, or emotions occurring during sleep and the other one is the strongly desired goal or purpose. Today I want to tell you my wish to meet my favourite band, Ft Island.

    I love FT Island because they took a unique approach to the Korean pop idol music scene by writing it as an instrumental band rather than a standard boy band They indicated a desire to be recognized well-liked and respected not for their image alone but for their music and their talent, their debut song Love sick in 2007 was and instant hit.

    FT Island consists of five members. They are, Lee Hongki the vocalist, Lee jaejin has a role of bassist , the leader Choi Jonghun, the best rapper Song seung hyun and the last but not least, Ft island's drummer, Choi Minhwan. I wish to meet them all in the future.

    They had come to Malaysia two times to make their performances here. But, I don't get any chances to join watching their concert. My mother did not allow me to go for it. But, I understand because I’m just a high school student. So, I hope they will come again in the future. I want to meet them. That is my dream and plus, joining them to make a performance on the stage. I want to be a star like them too.

    1. Firstly,at your sentence in paragraph 2,line 1 I didn't see your full stop..

      Then,at paragraph 3,line 3 to meet them all.... ,actually TO MEET ALL OF THEM....

  36. BlogThis!Share to TwitterShare to Facebook
    best friend ever!

    My best friend,.
    Everyone in this world must have a best friend. Even we got many friends, but only a true friend will lend their hands to help us if we are in trouble. So, we should treasure our best friend and help them if they need us.

    I also have a best friend. I call her Piah for short. We have known each other since we were in the primary school. Now, we both are sixteen years old. Although we studying in the same school, but we are not in the same class. I am an IT student while she takes science stream.

    We have many differences in physical and personal. Obviously, i am shorter and thinner. I am also very talkative person. So, I'm the one who talk much when hangout with her. She makes me very comfortable to share my problem with her. She is also a very smart student. Sometimes i think she overshadowed me. But it’s okay. It is cool to have a genius best friend! Moreover she is really helpful. If, i have problems with my study, i will ask her to teach me and because of her teaching skills i can understand well. Thanks Piah!

    I miss Piah so much. I hope we will always be a friend forever and i really hope that you will succeed in your life. Please stay healthy and eat well my dear friend!

    1. First,at paragraph 2 line 2, we both are sixteen , you must use BOTH OF US ARE SIXTEEN....

      Then,in paragraph 3 line 5, if,i have problems....Actually,you must use IF I HAVE PROBLEMS,,you just wrong at put coma in a sentence..

  37. last school holiday..

    Last school holiday, my family and I went to Tanjung Bidara for a camping. We went there by van. I was the one who really excited to see the scenery along the journey. We chose Tanjung Bidara to be our camp site because we felt it is suitable place for our family. The place is surrounded by mountains and greenery.

    When we reached there, I helped my father to pitch our tent. The tent was under a shady tree. All of us decided to get some rest in the tent. Suddenly, the wind blew strongly. We quickly get out from our tent. There was a terrible storm. Some branches from the tree broke because of the strong wind. We quickly ran to a nearby hut to take shelter.

    From the hut, we saw a big branch falling onto our tent. We all felt very lucky. We spent our night in the hut and left for home the next morning. Although we did not a happy holiday but we feel relieved because we all safe from the storm.

    1. in last paragraph line 2,although we did not a...... actually,you must use ALTHOUGH IT IS NOT A.....

      Next,at last paragraph line 3 because we all safe,you should use BECAUSE ALL OF US...


    The person that I admire is my mother, Turiah binti Hasan. She is now fifty-four years old. Her hobbies are cooking and gardening. I think she is the most beautiful person in this world and i love her so much.
    Since she loves to cook, she always prepared good meals for her children. She said, “good mind comes from good meals.” Every day, she will make sure i take my breakfast before going to school. Because of that i can perform well at school. Among of all her cooking’s, laksa is the one that i love the most. It is super marvelous. So, i decided to learn how to cook laksa and cook some for my mother.

    My mother also loves to gardening. Every evening she will water all her flower. She loves orchids very much. I think i will buy some orchids for her birthday next year. My favorite flower is sunflower. I was very touched when my mother planted sunflowers for me. Now, all the sunflowers have grown well.

    My mother will do anything that can make her children happy. So, i promise to make everything for her as long she will stay happy. I love my mother so much. Thank you mom!

    1. Please use capital letter for the word 'I'..

      then,'all her flower'in paragraph 2 first line you should use ALL OF HER FLOWER'

      for the 'favorite',the correct spelling is 'FAVOURITE'

  39. This comment has been removed by the author.

  40. If Only I Listen :(

    If only I listen what my father said , I would be fine and will be not at the hospital now . Lass weekend , I decided to go out with my best friends to the shopping complex . My father offered to send me but I don’t want . I want to go there by my own . My father had warning me but I don’t want to take it serious . I’m very excited to go to the shopping complex by motorcycle as I got my license two month before that . So , my father had no choice except let me go there by my own . Even my father felt guilty to let me go by my own but he need to be compelled .

    On that day , I wake up early because I’m very excited as I got a permission from my father to go there by my own . I promise to be careful with my father . when all my friends start their journey , I starts to follow them from back . All of them were wearing a helmet except me because I really don’t like wear it . During our journey , there is a traffic light . The colour of the traffic light is red as we need to stop for a while . But , I want be faster . So , I had break the law of the traffic light . I felt so proud with my friends because I’m very brave .

    After that , once again , I had break the law of the traffic light but this time , I’m unlucky because there is a police while the situation . The police was sue me as I already break the law . All of my friends were very shock when they saw the police sue me . But I had said to them that I don’t mind and not really afraid with the sue . I had told to them that I still had an effort to pay the sue . I decided to keep this as a seeret from my dad .

    Then , we arrived to the shopping complex . We decided to eat first as our stomach was already hungry . During eating , all my friends were advise me to always careful with the traffic light but I said that I already got a license . So , I know all the law . They no need to advise me . I’m very happy at the shopping complex. I decided to go shopping eventhough there were already late . My friends ask me to back home but I don’t want . When the time had already 7.00 o’clock , my friends ask a permission from me to back home first and I were agree . Then , I’m not realize that the time already 9.00 o’clock . I decided to back home because I afraid that my father will angry .

    During our journey to back home , the road was very congested with car because that is the time of people back from their job . I ride my motorcycle faster because I need to arrive at my home early as I know ,there was already late . Suddenly , I had not realize that there is a car from opposite way . I had collided with a car . My condition is very bad after that . the people at there were call my father and informed my condition to him . They bought me to the hospital . the doctor said that my leg is broken . I need to stay at the hospital for two weeks and I had given a MC for two months .

    For the conclusion , I am very regret with what had happen to me . I ask my father for forgiveness because I am not listen to his advise . I hope that my leg can be recovered as soon as possible and I hope that this accident will not happen again .

  41. My Family :)

    Everyone has their own family . Same with me , I have my own family . My family consist of 5 person . I have three siblings . I have two sisters and I’m the youngest . For me , my family is the best . We like to spare our time together . This is because our free time should be used wisely . Sometime , we no need to go anywhere to spare our time . We can just stay at home to spare our time together . For example , we like to watch television together during weekends . if we have more time , we will go out . My family is so cool and sporting . That is why I love them so much and I need them in my life . Let me describe more about my family .

    Firstly , its about my father . His name is Mohd Noor Bin Abdullah . He was born on 16 May 1966 at Seremban . This year his age become 46. For me , he is a good father . He never neglect his responsibility . Firstly , I love to call him ‘Papa’ . He is a tall person . His hobby is playing badminton . Sometime, we play it together during evening . He works as warden at Penjara Sungai Buloh . He is a hardworking person especially when he worked . He is so kind . Sometime , he will become angry if my sister and I become naughty . He is the best father and I love him so much .

    Then , I love to describe about my mother or ‘Mama’. Her name is Maimon Bt Yusoff . She was born on 6 March 1967 and his age is 45 . She likes to spare her time on sewing and cooking . For me , her dishes is delicious . She never neglect me and my sister . Even she tired , she will cook also even though it is a simple food . My mother is so cool and sporting . I love to share my problem with her as she very understanding person and she good in solving problems . I love her more than everything .

    Next, its all about my eldest . Her name is Nur Husna Shakira . she was born on 31 July 1992 at Terengganu . Her birthday is almost same with me . So , sometime we celebrate it together . Her age is 20 years old . Her ambition is to be Nurse one day . We always fight when we stay at home . But now , we are far . This is because now she is studying at Nilai University Colledge . When we separate , we become more appreciate each other . Sometimes , I miss her so much and I miss to fight with her . I hope , she will success in her life .

    After that , my second sister’s name is Nur Husna hafiza . She was borm on 23 December 1993 . Now , she was 19 years old . We go to school together as she was on form 6 now . She is a funny person . She likes to make jokes . It’s difficult to see her sadness . From she child , she loves to be soldier one day . For her , soldier is one of occupation that good . She hopes that she can serve for this country . I hope that her ambition will become reality one day .

    For the conclusion , my family is the best . I hope that I will always be with them to spare ourtime together . For me , I really want they happy always because I will happy when look they happy . I love the so much and no one can replace them in my life .

  42. My Lovely Best Friends :D

    Hello ! My name is Nur Husna Ashikin Binti Mohamad Noor . I had born on 30 July 1996 . All of us must have good friends . It is easy to find a friend but it is quite difficult to meet someone that can be a good friend . For me , I am very grateful because I had met my best friends . My dear friends name are Nabilah , Nabila , Aisyah , Syazana and Nadiah . I really love them and I assume them as my sister . Do you want know more about them ? Let me introduce them one by one .

    Firstly , let me introduce about Aisyah . Her full name is Siti Aisyah Binti Mohd Yusoff . She born on 6 June 1996 . We are in the same school since we are in primary school . There is a story about me and her . We were first meet when we were got the same class in year two . When I look her face , my first expression was she was an arrogant person as she was a clever student in that class . Then , on year three , Aisyah and I got the different class . So , Aisyah and I were not be friend anymore . Four years after that , one more times we got the same class when we transform to secondary school . Since that , Aisyah and I became more closer from day to day and we had became best friend until now .

    Then , Syazana and I are best friend . We starts to be friend since we are six years old . Firstly , we are just be friend like other but when we are transform to secondary school , our friendship become more special . I am very comfortable to be friend with her . For me , she is very good . Some student , they just good in academic but for she , she good in academic and also very active in sport . At school , she is an athlete . She is good in divide time . She can divide her time for study and sport to be balanced . When holiday , she always come to my house or I will go to her house to study and do homework together .
    My house and her house is very near as we live at Kompleks Penjara Sungai Buloh . When I have a problem , surely I need someone to hear it . As our house is near , I always go to her house to share my problems . I feel comfortable to share my problem with her and hope she will understand . I very thank to her as she always lend her ear to hear it . So , thank you Syazana !

    Nurul Nabila Binti Mohd Hizam . That is her full name . She was born on 30 May 1996 . She is an intelligent person . Last year , she got 9A in PMR . She always be the cream de la cream in class . For me , although she is so clever but she will not greedy with what she has . If I not understand in lesson , she is the first person I will see . She always help me in lesson as I am not clever like her . I knew her since form 1 and I feel very grateful because I have be given a chance to know her . Besides that , she always makes me smile and laugh when I was sad . She always gives me an advise especially in lesson . Sometimes , I love to hear a tip from her that make her success in lesson . I hope I can be like her one day . By the way , thanks Nabila .

    For the conclusion , fake friends are like shadows . They follow you in the sun but leave you side when it gets dark . I know that all my best friends are true friends because they always be at my side either I sad or happy . Being friends with them have added a bright spot to my life . They like the stars . I don't always see them but I know they are always there . Friends are like walls . Sometimes , you lean on them and sometimes its just enough to know thatthey are there . I hope that , our friendship keep until die because a real friend is hard to find , difficult to leave and impossible to forget .

  43. This comment has been removed by the author.

  44. Kindness :)

    Kind is one of the human's nature . It is categorized in good nature . It is very difficult to find kind person because people today do not have this nature . But , Encik Khairul is one of them . He is a kind person . He works as a doctor at Hospital Permata Cahaya . Basically , the people like Encik Khairul is arrogant . But , Encik Khairul is not like that . He is a kind person and he loves to help people even he has career in his life .

    Basically , the people that have career will send their parents to the Old Folks Home as they think , they has no time to take care of their parents . But not for Encik khairul . He choose to take care of his parents by his own even he always busy with his works . He never feel burdened with his parents as he always remind himself that his parents were take care of him when he was child . When he has time , he will be at home with his parents or he will bring his parents for out .

    For Encik Khairul , money is not everything . He thinks that he must share some of his luxury to the needed peoples . For example , Encik Khairul loves to donate his money . Basically , he will donate it to an orphanage as he feel very sympathize with them . Encik Khairul will donate to an orphanage every month . Sometime , he will also donate to an Old Folks Home . He feel grateful because he still has parents and given a chance to take care of his parents .

    Encik Khairul also loves to help peoples because for Encik Khairul , if he helps people , people will help him back . He loves to help his patients . He always takes over time to treat his patients . He treat his patients sincerely . Sometimes , he must rush to the hospital when he got a call . But , he very understand with his career and he kwows that many people need him . He hope he will always be there when people need him . He also hope that someday , there are people that will treat him when he was sick .

    For a conclusion , it is not difficult to be a kind person . You just need to do a kind things and leave a bad things . We can follow Encik Khairul but there are more kindness that we can do. If we do a kind thing to people , people will do the same thing at us . I really want to be a kind person like Encik Khairul . I will improve myself to be a good person .

  45. My Pet :)

    Everyone has their own favourite animal . Some people makes the animal as their pet . My name is Nur Husna Ashikin Binti Mohamad Noor . I am 16 years old . I study at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Gading . For me , I choose rabbit as my pet . It has their own characteristic that makes me loves to have a pet likes it . There are more reasons why I choose rabbit and why I love it so much .

    Firstly , I want to describe more about my loves rabbit . My rabbit's name is Koko . I give that name to it because the name is suitable for my rabbit as the colour of it is brown . Koko has a thick furs . I love to swab it because of its fur and its loves it so much . It eyes is big and shiny . Koko sleep in the basket . I had decorate the basket nicely and hope Koko will comfortable with it . when Koko is sleep , its looks so cute .

    Koko is also my friend . It always with me all the time . So , when I lonely , I can play with Koko because Koko likes to play . Sometimes , I will tell it my problem . I know that it will never know but at least it it will hear . I will bring it anywhere I go . For example , I will bring it when I go to supermarket . But , when I go to school , Koko must be keep in cage to prevent it from missing . One day , Koko was follow me to school . My teacher was found it in my bag because Koko was so noisy at that time . So , I had be punish on that day .

    There are one incident that I remember until now . Koko was missing while play at field one evening . I feel so sad at that time . My family and my friends help me to find Koko but Koko was still not found . I feel so lonely and feel likes I lost something that I very love . Then , when I was crying at my room , I saw something come to me . I'm very shock when I saw Koko . I hug Koko neatly . Apparently , its leg was broke . So , Koko cannot back home .

    I really hope that I can always be with Koko because I love it so much and I don't want loss it .Koko is very nice and kind . I promise I will take care of Koko properly until Koko become adult . I also hope that Koko will never missing again .

  46. My Dream :)

    All of us must have a dream . Either it can be achieve or just be a dream only . That dream can't be achieve if there is no effort from us . Therefore many steps is needed to achieve the dream . Same with me , I also have my own dream . My name is Nur Husna Ashikin Bt Mohamad Noor . I am 16 years old . At this
    age , I aspire to success in my life . I am very interested to be a successful doctor . However , I know that many obstacles to achieve my dream . So , I will try my best to make my dream become reality .

    Before I pursue my ambition , I must focus on my SPM examination which will be held on next year . That examination is very important to me because it will be my starting point to success . I really hope that my result will be good . I also hope that my parent will smile always when they look my result .

    There are some obstacles must be do to make sure I success in SPM . One of them is study hard . A weak subject should be given priority . So , there must be a schedule to make it become more planned . Then , I must focus in class . I need to ask my teacher or my friend if I not understand . The time to play must be reduced and time to study must be increased . I also can make a study group . It can help me to success .

    There are more reasons why I choose doctor as my ambition . This is because it is a noble job . Nowadays , the number of people that sick are increase . For me , career as doctor is very interested because it can save many life . One day , my family also will be require a doctor . So , I hope that I can treat my family one day .

    So , that is my dream . I don't want it to be just one dream but I want it become reality one day . I will strive to achieve my ambition . I also hope that I can get the title of doctor one day .


    Most of our teenagers are inclined to choose movie stars and singers to be their cup of tea or admire with. But different on me, I like to choose an abstemious man who is mostly give me a soul to success in my future. Well, I can not mention his name in this essay but I will describe him as well as I can.
    Before that, I am pleased to tell you about how we met. I still can remind when we were face each other and cause of that incident, I labelled him as a caring man. That incident happened when I am busy arranged the books at the library. While I was carrying the books to the bookcase, I was impinged by a guy and made all the books that I held fell on the floor. There was many students at the library and no one willingly to help me except him. It was a touched scene and made us know each other.
    Apart from that, as a genius student at school, he always ask me if I have any problems with my homework or anything else. I thought he wanted to show me his clever. But when I think wisely, he frankly want to help me in my homework not to show off his intelligence to me or anyone else.
    Last but not least, being an admirer to a guy or girl is not a bad thing. The other word, it is a natural tendency and give us an inspiration to face the hustle and bustle of world. So, being happy if you are admirer. Carry and move it on!



    Everyone was enjoyed last school holiday with their parents and siblings like having a family day at interesting and amazing places, while I was not. I enjoyed myself at my sweet garden called ‘ Secret Garden ’.

    I called it secret because the garden is place at secluded corner, far away from the hustle and bustle of life and the noisy chatter of my siblings. Its soothe me up and I can let go all of the worries and trobles that had been circling in my mind.

    As I walked towards it each day, the roses’ sweet scent welcomes me from far. I hurried to my lovely hammock strung between two trees in the garden. Once, lying back, a soft breeze blew in my garden and I enjoyed listening to the rustling of leaves. They seem to be whispering in a strange language that I can not understand.

    When I felt more relaxed, I like to amble to the red and white swing on the other side of my garden and rock myself rhythmically. I felt recharged and refreshed. Then, I take a little walked around the Secret Garden, pruning some leaves here and just stroking some there.

    I poured water from watering can and watched the drops of water trickle down the leaves and feel onto the porous earth which absorb it quickly.

    In my little paradise, I watched nature in motion. Since that day, I feel ready to face the world again after this.



    Nurul Fadhilah. That is my friend’s name. It is nice, isn’t it? She is my friend. My best friend. Now, I will describe her and tell you why I choose her to be my best friend.

    I had known her for eight years. The first time I meet her when she was joined my standard Three class at Sekolah Kebangsaan Kuang.

    She is a tall girl and 1.65 metre in height. She is thin with long legs and arms. She has a beauty face with small eyes, a pointed nose and a wide mouth. She usually smiling and so, she has a very pleasent and friendly face. Nurul Fadhilah is a very honest and loyal person. She does not tell lies.

    One of the best things about Nurul Fadhilah, she is very caring. She always willing to help anyone in trobles and obviously, you can always depend on her. As Nurul Fadhilah is a very friendly person, she is not proud and makes friends easily. So she is one of the most popular girls in my school. I am quiet jelous with her about this, but it is doesn’t matter to me.

    I think that one of the reasons that Nurul Fadhilah and I can getting on so well and come closer is we have so many things in common.

    Firstly, we are both active girls. We are super excited when Physical Education subject is on the time. But since Nurul Fadhilah’s leg is spraine and take time to recover it, give us a little depress to her and me because she always absent to school that time.

    Second, our hobbies are similar too. Both of us like to read novels specially romance novels. We normally exchange novels after we finished reading it.

    Apart from that, she also encourages me whenever I fell down. Once I was sick, she came over my home everyday and told me lot of amusing stories that made me laugh and cheered me up.

    No one can dissociate us. I am very thankful because I have such a good friend like her. To Nurul Fadhilah, thank you for everything. I will never forget you in myself.



    For me, kindness is give a hand for someone who is needed. For example, while we are sitting in the train, there is a pregnant woman who is stand in front of us. As she is the most needed than us, we must give our seat to her. There is no limits to do some kindness in our life. It can be anywhere and anytime as long as we want to do it.

    Most of Malaysian does not know the benefits of kindness. Existence of love among doer and recipient is one of that. It can happen when we do a kindness to someone, the recipient will appreiciate our help and make our relationship become more closer too.

    Even the cruelness or selfishness will be reduce or bereft. For example, a few years ago, a news that blow our mind about the cruelty at Gaza. This happen when the kindness and love are not exist inside their heart. So, we must take the moral value of this incident.

    Beside we talk about the benefits, we also must find the ways to invite our Malaysian to do some kindness to pacify our country. Do a campaign that nearest with our home is a good way. For example, ‘ The Advantages of Kindness ’ or ‘ Try a Little Kindness ’.

    On students, campaign likes ‘ Random Acts of Kindness ’ is embolden to do it in schools. Mabye this is the effective way to teach students be a kind person. For example, students can help their teachers carry the books to class or teach their friends when they do not understand what the teacher teaching. The purpose of this week also to combat violence in schools.

    Apart from that, the kindness has a lot of moral value that will existence of peaceful in our country and world.


    Zaza and I looked out of the rocket. Finally we had landed on Planet B. Quickly we climbed out of the rocket.

    Planet B was very different from Earth. All the buildings were tall. Every trees had squares and circles instead of leaves. There were fish flying near the trees and submarines floating in the air above the buildings.

    Suddenly we heard a strange noise. It sounded like the roar of a lion. We saw a cloud of dust approaching. Two strange vehicles came towards us and stop near us. They were like cars but they had feets instead of tyres. Two aliens got down from the vehicles. They really looked strange. Each alien had two short arms and three long legs. It also had four ears, three eyes and two mouths. The hair stuck out of the alien’s head like long pins.

    The aliens appeared friendly. They waved their arms and their mouths were stretched wide as if they were smiling. Zaza and I decided to try to make friends with the aliens. Zaza talked to the aliens telling them that they were friends. The aliens also talked but Zaza and I could not understand them. After a while, teeth started to come out of the aliens’ mouths. Their eyes began to shine and they looked frightening.

    Suddenly one of the aliens attacked me. Zaza and I frought back and ran to our rocket. I felt something grab me. I tried to escape but fell. The alien’s face was coming nearer and nearer me. The eye was glowing a bright red. I started screaming. Arghh!!

    When I opened my eyes, I realised that it was only a dream. I promised myself that I would never again eat so many durians just before bedtime.


  52. MY PET
    After I returned home from school that afternoon, I discovered my cute cat, Kitty was lying unconscious at sitting room. I am shocked and I decided to help Kitty. While helping Kitty, I remembered that two days ago, my neighbour was fed Kitty with leftover food. Since that day, Kitty was not well. I might that Kitty had a common illness just the rest that Kitty had before, but I am wrong.

    I pulled myself together and remained optimistic that Kitty can saved. I quick as a flash brought Kitty to vet. When arrived there, the doctor vetted Kitty with a sad face. He said Kitty ingested too much poison and Kitty passed away. He also said sorry because he could not safe Kitty.

    After I heard that news, it make me sad. I was feeling blue after Kitty gone. My parent try to cheered me up and wanted me be cloud nine again. My parent also offered me get another new cat. I appreciated their kindness but how I can replaced Kitty that had been five years with me? I really loved Kitty and no one can replaced her in my heart.

    After a few weeks later, I companied my friend, Zafi to a pet shop. He wanted to buy a pet for himself. While watching the variety of animals at there, I realized that a Persian cat similar to Kitty. Its size, its colour. Like a twin of Kitty.

    I picked that cat up and it licked my face. The manager offered me with affordable price and I immediately decided to buy that cat. I took Katty, my new cat to my home.


    1. This comment has been removed by the author.


    I have six good friends who always accompanied me during the difficult and easy. Friends who will laugh together when they are happy and will cry when sad. But time brought us to a different course.
    Siti Nur Farhana. A beautiful and most clever of us. However, she has a weakness that she was short. We always tease her. However, she did not care about that teasing because she knew that we were only joking. When I had problems in studies she was always there to help me. Now she has to stay at boarding school to achieve her dream.
    Puteri Adiba Hasanah. A funny and always has idea of ​​an evil. I still remember when the teacher is absent and she out to walk around the school. She always makes me laugh. She is also quite popular among the boys at school. Howenver, she moves to Negeri Sembilan to follow her father.
    Next, Norafiqah. She was a best friend to fadhilah since elementary school. Their height and weight about the same. Afiqah known by the title "queen of laughter". She has a unique way of laughing and not owned by anyone. She is also a kind and good in studies. Favorite subject is math and she always got higher marks in examinations.
    now it Nor Shakirah turn. Shakirah is the most mischievous among us. She always had a naughty idea to tease people. I still remember when she put chewing gum on a boy seats. The boy was rushed to the toilet when he gets to know his pants stick of chewing gum. This memories made me regret and sorry to that boy.
    Suriaty. She is a new student in our school. However, we try to treat him as normal and not marginalize him. She was a kind-hearted and also funny. I still remembered that we must accompany her to where she wanted to go because she was afraid to go alone. As a new student she could not adapt to the environment. However, day by day she was more clever to bring themselves and be independent. I'm happy with the changes quickly adapt.
    Finally, Nur Fadhilah. A person who is ready to accept challenges. She is a confident and also not easy to admit defeat. She will solve every problem calmly and wisely. Fadhilah a good friend with Afiqah since elementary school. They have many similarities, such as height and weight. Sometimes I was a bit confusing to difference this two. However, she has to stay at boarding school to achieve her dream.
    These are my friend. I hope we will be together soon. Although our dreams lead us to a different course, but we certainly will see later. I hope that they will always be in a good health.

    7G's forever is our motto.


    1. in paragraph one you must use present tense.
      change accompanied to accompany.

    2. Dear Azreen, I want to comment your essay;My Bestfriends.
      In paragraph 1, you must use present tense.
      In paragraph 3, you must use capital letter when begin your story

  54. IF ONLY I LISTEN TO.....

    If only I listen to my mother advice this tragedy will never happend. Mother always advised me to always be careful when back and go to school. Recently there was a case of kidnapping of children home from school.Fortunately, the child could be saved with the help of police. However, I do not listen to her advice and went to school.

    The school has already end and it was time for me to return home. Normally I would go home with my friends sarah and nadia which unfortunately today they have to clean the classroom after school hours. I had to ride my bicycle alone back to home.

    I ride a bicycle and into a dark alley. Lane is a shortcut to my home. Suddenly, my bicycle tire punctures and I had to stop the bike. I tried to ask for help but nobody in there. I continue my journey but suddendly my mouth covered with a cloth and fainted.

    I am awake from the unconscious and find my hands and legs tied in a chair. A woman 20-year admonished me with smiles and harsh. I tried to fight but I slapped by a man who was next to the woman earlier. They forced me to tell my parents phone number. They blackmail my parents to ask ransom of RM 20,000.00.

    While they are busy calling my parents, suddenly i heard a police car siren. Police came and saved me. Good fortune as an uncle saw the incident when he want to his daughter house.I took it home safely. I would like to thank the uncle for saving me. I’m glad and hugged my parents tightly. Henceforth, I'm aware of and will always be careful when returning from school. I also will always remembered my mothers advise and not ignored it.


    1. Dear Azreen, I want to comment your essay;If only I listen...
      In paragraph 2, you must use capital letter...change sarah and nadia to Sarah and Nadia

  55. MY PET
    On rainy day, I and my friend, Naziatul walk together way to back home. While we walking we hear mysterious voice. We try to find the voice until I see a box with cute kitten. I decide to bring the kitten home.

    I enter the house and told my mother that I bring a kitten with me. She angry and scold at me because I touch the dirty and disease cat. She said if I don't throw it then she will kill it. I panic and shocked. I doesn't has another way but to let Naziatul keep it for me. Every evening after school I will visit the kitten at Naziatul house. I and Naziatul discuss and decide to name the kitten Tiara because it has shining and glowing fur.

    One day, while I prepare to Naziatul house my mother stare at me and ask where I want to go to. I just answer I want to Naziatul house. She does not allow me to go to Naziatul house and order me to study. I oppose her and go to Naziatul house. She said that she already discover Naziatul keeping the kitten. Almost a week she doesn't let me out. She will send and take me from school everyday by herself.

    When I and my mother in the car, I beg her to let keep the kitten with me. She cry and said she doesn't want me to hurt like past. when i was 7 years old I had a cat name Lala. Lala died in car accident and I can't accepted it. I had a fever and sick for a week. I doesn't want to ate or played with the other children.

    After listen to my mother stories I decide that I will let Naziatul keep the kitten but with a condition. I can visit the kitten every evening and my mother totally agree. She said that I already mature.


  56. MY DREAM
    All people have dream and hopes. Some people dream of becoming a doctor, police, firemen and teachers. There are also people who want to become a beautiful princess and a rich and mighty prince.My dream is to help and give encouragement to people in need.

    I have a good friend and she is one of my classmates. Last year she was shocked by the death of her father. Her life began to change from being a cheerful person to a quiet person. She had no sense to go to school and learn. She only go to school twice a week.

    She was a cheerful and confident girl. If there a competition like bowling tournament she will join it. Her ambition is to become a successful player bowling in Malaysia. In fact, she was also participated in many charitable causes. She was also chosen as head students and carry out its work with full commitment.

    On December 23, 2011 the sad moment for her. Her father who support and motivate her have leaved forever. For a week she did not come to school. She began to distance herself from anyone and being a weird person. My classmates used to tease and taunt her. She just smiled without saying anything like nothing had happened. If there are additional classes she did not come to school and just make unreasonable excuses. There no friend used to be her best friend want to help her but distance away from her.

    as a friend I am still trying to help her and make her being confident. A lot of effort l had done but she only smiled and stay away from me. I can see the sadness in her eyes. I hope she can turn into a cheerful and confident girl like always. That was my dream as a friend of her.


    1. Dear Azreen, I want to comment your essay;My Dream...
      In paragraph 3, head student is show to, no need to put 's' need to change head students to head student


    Marie Anne is 17 years old girl. She is a quiet and shy girl. This is why she doesn't have many friend by her side. Everyone thought that she is an arrogant and they stay away from her.

    One day, when Marie walked with her best friend, Annabeth to the canteen she accidentally struck with her only enemy Rian. Rian's food spilled on her school shirt. Rian screamed and pull Marie's hair. She gave a warning to her to stay away from her and also as a fine she has to be her servant for 5 days. Rian took off her shirt and throwed it to Marie face to be cleaned. Rian walked toward her class with an evil smiled.

    Marie Anne cried hardly at the toilet while cleaned Rian's shirt. Starting today she will be a servant to Rian. Annabeth came from canteen and gave her a bottle of mineral water. She calmed Marie and motivated her to strong. She will always be by Marie's side no matter what happens. She helped Marie with Rian's shirt and said "what is the use of friend". marie smiled and glad that she have Annabeth by her side.

    While Marie walked to Rian's class to returned Rian's shirt suddenly she heard a voice for helped. She scared because everybody had go home. She brave herself goes toward that voice and found Rian cried with her hand on her leg. Rian fall from stair and sprained her leg. Marie ran toward her and help her to the treatment room.

    Doctor examined her leg and found it just only minor injuries. Rian started cried and thanks to Marie. she apologize and feel sorry for all her evil act. She realizes now that Marie is a kind person. She hug Marie and said that she wanted to be her friend. Marie smiled and agreed with it. Marie finally realizes that nothing can defeat evil except kindness.


    1. Dear Azreen, I want to comment your essay;Marie Anne.
      In paragraph 3, you must change marie to Marie...use capital letter..

  58. Kindness

    Kindness is behaving honourable things. It can be shown in Lisa's characters. Fortnight ago, Lisa went to bank to withdraw money to buy some groceries. On her way to go back home, she saw a girl raising her hand to ask for money to buy some foods. Lisa was very pity on her and she gave RM10 to that girl to buy foods. After the girl brought some foods, she ate hurriedly. She seems starving.

    After Lisa helped the girl, Lisa saw a crazy man torturing a cat. Lisa screamed to him and he ran away. Lisa took up the cat and cherished the cat nicely. The cat was very sick. Then she bought the cat to Pet's clinic. The doctor said that there was a big wound in its body. Lisa made a decision to take care of the cat at her home. The cat named Celcom. She really loves the cat.

    Once again, on her way to go back home, she saw an old blind woman waiting to across the road. There were many people but no one helped the woman. Lisa decided to help that woman by holding her hand to across the road that was jammed by many cars. She really felt sad with snobbish people nowadays.

    On the next day, Lisa with her cat, Celcom went out to blow away the cobwebs. She walked in front of the mosque and she saw an article about donations. She went closely to the article that Old Folks Home need some money. She called their supervisor, Farid and told him that she want to donate sincerely.

    After she donated her money, she went to see the old folks. They were very excited to meet her. Lisa was entertained by the old folks the whole day. In a nutshell, we expect nothing in return for a random act of kindness and it is best not to let others know that we have done good deeds.

    1. grammar:

      paragraph 3-she saw an old blind woman waiting to cross the road.
      paragraph 4-She went closely to the article that Old Folks Home needed some money. She called their supervisor, Farid and told him that she wanted to donate sincerely.

  59. My Pet

    Everyone loves to have a pet at their house and same goes to me. Pet is animal that can be loved. Pet also known as a pamper animal. I also have a pet named Belang. Belang is a very cute cat. We took care of Belang since it was 3 years ago.

    On a fateful day, when I was washing my bicycle, I heard sound ''meow meow'' from the big drain. I went there and saw a cat trapped in the drain that was full of rubbish and the water was very dirty. I was really pity with that cat. I entered into the big drain and took it out. The cat was really dirty at that time. I brought it to my house and cleaned it with cat's shampoo. There was no wound its body. The cat seen hungry ad thirsty. I gave it Friskies and milk. The cat ate hurriedly because it was starving.

    The cat that I found was a Persian cat. Its fur striped with black and grey colour and that was the reason I called it Belang. Started on that day, I did a timetable for my lovely cat to make sure it stayed in a good condition. I arranged systematically about its time to eat and bath. I made sure my cat ate four times per day and bathed twice a week. By this way, it teached me to always take care of my cat and never neglect it.

    One day, we got a call from our uncle that our grandmother had a bad sick. We had to go back to my hometown on that day. We were hurried and I forgot to about my cat. Suddenly, I thought about my cat and I felt really guilty because I forgot to ask for help from my neighbour to take care of Belang.

    After two days, we went back to our house. The first thing I wanted to find my cat. I shouted ''Belang Belang'' it was no shadow. Then I found Belang at a small drain and it was already dead at that time. I was really upset because of my careless attitude. Started o that day, I was getting lonely.

    1. grammar
      paragraph 3- it teached me how to take care of my cat and never neglect it.
      paragraph 4-we were in hurried and..............

  60. My Dream

    Each human being has their own dream in their life such as to be a successful doctor, teacher and lecturer. The dream can be accomplish wit care and effort. ''If there's a way, there's a way'', this is a meaningful aphorism. I will study smart and insert wit million efforts to achieve my dream.

    My dream is to be a successful lecturer for Chemistry subject. I love Chemistry because we can observe and study the composition, structure, properties, and interactions of matter. We also can study about our uses in daily life. I like to teach people as the way my teacher teaches us. I hope I will make my students to be a successful person.

    My teacher always tells us that teaching is a honourable thing. No one will succeed without teacher in this world. ''Teacher always lightening us while we are in the darkness''. I always remember this words wherever I go.

    By attaining this dream, i must get straight A's for my SPM especially Chemistry subject. I will apply to Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI) to continue my study. I hope I will get Diploma, Degree, Master and PhD. A teacher cannot teach their student without knowledge.

    Last but not least, I will do a timetable for improving my time to study, play and rest. Without timetable, we cannot manage our time systematically. I hope I will be a successful lecturer with my care and effort also the prayer from my parents.

    1. nice essay.
      you can also use some rare word in your essay.

  61. A Person That I Admire

    The person that I admire is my mother. Her name is Manis Binti Rejab. It is she who brings her children into the world, teaches them their first word and moulds their character. My mother was such a wonderful mother. She was more than just an ordinary mother. My mother had made so many sacrifices for us even at the expense of her health.

    On one fateful day, when the doctors and staffs at the intensive care unit of the University Hospital confirmed that my father would never be able to walk again, she knew what she had to do. Entrusting my father to take care of my grandmother while she was not at home, she took up a course in tailoring.

    After six months, she started sewing cloths for her neighbours and friends and earned a meager income. It was a hand life but she never complained. One day, it was Sunday, November 24 2003. My mother asked what I wanted for my birthday.

    I said that I want a bicycle. She raised her eyebrows and seemed that she do not have enough money to buy a bicycle. Then, I sulked the whole day and refused to come out from my room inspite of all their pleading. The rest of the day passed. I went to school as usual with my sad face.

    When I returned home, my mother was waiting for me at the door. She held out her hand. ''Happy Birthday!" she said. She pointed her finger to one corner of the room. There in the corner, beside her sewing machine, stood the bicycle, all shining and new. I lost my words and tears well up in my eyes.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Dear Syazana, your essay must end with a conclusion.

  62. What I Did During The Last School Holiday

    Last shool holiday, my family and I went to Cameron Highland to blow away the cobwebs. We spent the night for 3 days. We started our journey at 8.00 a.m and we arrived at 12.00 p.m.

    The scenery was very awesome and made us felt peaceful. After a few minutes, we performed our prayer at nearby mosque. Then, we checked in the Sentosa Hotel to take a nap. At 4.00 p.m, we decided to visit Strawberries Garden.

    At Strawberries Garden, we picked the fruits and put into the basket. We ate the original and fresh strawberries. We bought 10 packs of strawberries fruit to give to our relatives. At 8.00 p.m, my family and I had our dinner at nearby restaurant which dishes up western food.

    After a few hours we had our dinner, we decided to hit the hay at Sentosa Hotel. The next morning, we took a visit to Tea Garden which has many types of tea. For example Apple tea, Orange tea and Strawberry tea. By drinking tea, we can make our breath fragrant.

    We spent our time at Tea Garden more than 5 hours. Then we were famished and decided to have a bite at village restaurant. After we finished, we performed our prayer and hit the hay as usual. The last day, we packed up our things and ready to go to next destination.

    The next destination, we went to our village at Alor Star, Kedah. We took 5 hours to reach there. We started our journey at 8.00 a.m and we arrived at 1.00 p.m. All of our relatives planned together at our hometown after our family went back from Cameron Highlands. At 3.00 p.m, my relatives and I decided to eat Nasi Royale at Nasmir Restaurant is a known restaurant at Alor Star. After we had done our lunch, we went to Jakel to buy some clothes.

    At night, my relatives and I were famished and have bite at Mawar Seafood. Their food was very nice. Then we went to Pekan Rabu to buy some Belacan and Dodol to bring back to our home at Kuala Lumpur. As we reached our home, we hit the hay. At 7.00 a.m we packed our things and started our journey to go back home.

    1. nice essay.
      you use some idioms in your essay.
      a few mistake- All of our relatives planned to gather at our hometown after my family went back from Cameron Highlands.

    My Dream

    Everybody has a dream. We need dreams to have goals in our life. Dream is the first step we need to be success. Some people dream to be a Prime Minister or great politicians and some others dream to be a pilot driving across the skyway. Like other people, I also have a dream. I dream to be a successful accountant.

    The reasons I want to be an accountant are because I want to be like my mother and works for a big company. My mother is an accountant at MIGHT. She has been working there since I was still a baby. Her boss likes her. He said that my mom is the most trusted person he ever met. I want to be just like her. Success and most importantly people can put their trust on me.

    Besides, I love money and I am very strict controlling my finance. I hate to waste money on things that are not so important. It is most important to watch what have you spend and be careful when spending your money.

    I am a very discipline. I am punctual and honest. the job of accountant suites me very well. Accountant is a job that hold a lot of pressure. So we need to calm ourself and try not to be very stress with it. That is all the reasons why I dream to be an accountant. i also dream that one day all of my dreams will be true.


    My Pet

    Pets are animals that are tame and we keep it at home. There are many types of animals that we can keep as pet such as rabbits, hamsters, birds and tortoises. I chose to have cat as my pet. For me, cat are the cleanest animal because it cleans itself everyday and it is also very cute.

    I have two cats at home. They are Mock and Achip. Mock is a male and Achip is a female. The reason I gave it the name Mock is because it loves to mock people who comes near it since it was a kitten. Mock is also a brave cat. Last year, there was an alligator in my house. I was shock to see that alligator and I shout. Suddenly, Mock came from nowhere and attack that alligator. Mock struggles to fight with that alligator and finally it kills the alligator. Mock was my hero that day. Without Mock, I do not know what could have happen.

    Mock and Achip have white fur with black spots. Kind of like a cow. I think the colour makes them more attractive. My cats are very cute and spoilt. I love them so much and hope they will have kittens as cute as them.

  65. by adibah-alyahya

    Darwish and Danish are twin brother. They both shared the same likes and dislikes. They are bestfriends and brothers to each other. They like to spend time together, playing video games and also shopping/

    One day, Darwish and Danish went to the mall to buy some new clothes and present for their mother. They are very excited. Suddenly , Danish saw a blind old lady wanted to cross the road from the other side. Danish told darwish about the old lady.

    Darwish and Danish quickly cross the road to help the old lady. Danish greet the old lady and offered to help her. She was so glad that they wanted to help her. Darwish escort the old lady cross the road and Danish helped the old lady to carry her things.

    The old lady was very happy and thankful to them. She kept saying thank you to the twin. They felt very relieved that the old lady has cross the road safely. They went to the mall with a very wide smile. If we make kindness to people, we will feel very at ease. So show your kindness and helps the people in need.

  66. by adibah al-yahya

    The Person I Admire

    The person I admire the most is my own mother. She is 48 years old this year. She works as a Senior Manager in Marketing in MIGHT. She is a mother to 5 childs and she is a single mother. My father left her since I was 6 years old. Yet mother still can be success without any man.

    My mother is a brave and strong person. She had to face many economic problems after father left us. She have been able to handle it alone without troubling any side. She took care of her childrens with discipline and love.

    Eventhough she had been hurt for so many times, she proved that she can overcome all of it and have now achieved success. I love her very much although I am not very close to her like my other sisters. I hoped that she will always be happy and always smiles. Hope to be as successful as my mother one day.

  67. My Bestfriends

    A friend indeed is a friend in need. That is my favorite quote and I hold to that quotes when finding friends. Nowadays, many people have many friends but not all of their friends stick with them when they are in hardship. For example, when we are in need for help, they are the first to walk away. A friend like that are the worst. There are also backstabbers among friends. We should be careful who are we friends with.

    As for me, I trust my two bestfriends, Nurul Ain and Elysa. They are the best friends I’ve ever had. I felt vey lucky to befriend with them.They are pretty, intelligent and very kind. They are like my sisters. They protect me when I’m in danger. I’m being treated like the youngest when I’m with them although Ain was born a little later than me.

    The three of us have a few things in commons. Things like favorite foods, favourite colours, musics and books. We love to hang out together and talk about things. There are many things we can talk about such as boys, family matters, and even about politics.

    When one of us have problems, we will share it and try to fix it together. We help each other in studies too. Ain was the best when it comes to English, Math and Add Maths subjects, and Elysa was excellent in Sejarah and Chemistry. As for me, I’m good at Physic subject. So we will help our friends who need help. We had a lot of fun together. I hope that our friendships will last long.

  68. by adbah al-yahya

    My Last School Holiday

    Last school holiday, my family and I went to Korea for a week. We had planned it since the year before. I was very excited when my father told me their plans. We packed our things and wait for our flight to Seoul at KLIA. At KLIA, we were told that our flight was delayed for an hour late. We are a bit sad but we wait patiently. At last, we get on our flight.

    I was scared when the airplanes started to move because I am afraid of height. But after awhile, I’ve get used to it. After 7 hours in the air, we finally reach our destination. My father has booked two rooms for us at a hotel in Seoul town. We decided to rest for that day.

    The next day, we went shopping in Apgujeong market. There are lots of interesting foods and things there. It was not so many people at first but in afternoon, people are starting to increase. It was crowded at the market. I was attracted to a sculpture in one of the shop there. Without realizing , I went to the shop and left my family.

    At a moment I did not worried but then, I was panicked. I cannot find my sisters, mother and father. I asked the people around but the bigger problem is that I cannot speak Korean and they do not understand my English. I felt like going to cry. Then, I remembered that I have my family photo in my wallet. So I used that photo to find my family.After a long search, I finally found them. They were very worried about me. I apologized and promise not to go anywhere without permission.

    Moral of this story is that we must not go anywhere without anyone knowing. Stick to your family when walking in other countries. Do not be selfish and listen to your parents’ advice.


    Ashraf is a good and generous person.he is always helping others although he is in trouble. his parents teachs him to be a high-minded person and respects for the elder. Ashraf never forgets the advice of his parents.
    One day, he was on the way to go the mosque. He want to perform his Friday prayer along with his friends. during the journey , Ashraf saw an old man walked to cross the busy road. He was able to help the old man although he did not know the person is. The old man very pleased with his attitude who was willing to help others.
    After that, he continued his journey to the mosque. Suddenly, Ashraf saw a woman beggar with her daughter who was really hungry. The beggar had to ask for some foods to the public. he felt sympathy and taked out some money and gave to them. They felt overwhelmed and rushed to find foods to feed on.
    After finished performed his Friday prayer, he turned back home with his friends. Ashraf saw a cat with broken leg in the drain. He quickly took the pity cat and brought back home for treatment. He bathed the cat, treated the cat's leg and gave it foods.
    His friends teased him and not happy with his weird attitude. Ashraf just ignore them. He always remember that 'a life of kindness in the primary meaning of divine worship'.

    1. Paragraph 1 --> He is always helping others although he is in trouble. His parents teach him to be a high-minded person and respects for the elder.
      You must put capital letter after fullstop.
      You write the wrong spelling of 'teach'.

  70. My Pet, Bumb !
    Last year, while returning home, I heard the sound of a kitten. I was looking for his voice. apparently the cat was in pain. the cat was very cute, with blue eyes, but unfortunately the cat had a broken leg. I decided to bring the cat home. I am happy to have a pet. when I got home, I told my mother that I wanted to keep the cat. My mother was allowed on condition that I needed to keep the cat well. I had promised to not ignore it.

    I gave the name to the cat, Bumb. Every day I give the cat food, Friskies to Bumb. The cat was growing fast and good. I spent time with the cat all the time, watching television, studying, eating and sleeping regularly with the cat. I do not have friends at home because my sister studying abroad. sometimes I feel lonely, but in the presence of Bumb, I am happy.

    One day, my mother scolded me for not giving food to the cat because I felt very tired and lazy to entertain the cat. I was bored to keep it anymore. So my mother decided to give Bumb to others. I do not argue, but agree with the results of my mother. On that day my mother gave to my neighbour.
    Although I am sad, I just let my mother did as she thought.

    When I returned home, I called Bumb many times. I forgot that my cat no longer at my home. I felt very lonely and wanted to cry without Bumb. I am very regret on my own acts and I told my mother that I wanted to take Bumb back. So I went to my neighbour's home. I told to her that I am really sorry for having trouble with sending the cat. She did not mind and let me took it back. She was advising me to appreciate animals and keep it sincerely. I really happy and will not do that again.

    1. Paragraph 1 --> Apparently the cat was in pain. The cat was very cute with blue eyes but unfortunately the cat had a broken leg.
      After fullstop, you must put capital letter.

  71. My Dream !
    I have two dreams and I hope I can make it a reality. I hope that I can be a skydiver like my father. He is a good skydiver. I think skydiving is a recreational activity and a competitive sport. When I was young, my father often brought me to his workstation as a diver at Banting.He thought me about parachute equipment, how to control it, tracking, skysurfing and wingsuit flying.

    I should have a licence, skills and training to become a professional parachutist. Most of skydiver are injured during performing their skill training. Therefore, they need to learn about salvation when performing this challeging activity.Despite the perception of danger, fatalities are rare. The majority of jumpers tend to be non-competitive, enjoying the opportunity to "get some air" with their friends on weekends and holidays. I wish I had an oppurtunity to learn in greater depth simultaneously discharge my dream.

    Secondly, if I have a lot of money, I would like to establish a school for Palestinian children who is suffering from violence. They need to continue living with the help of which we distributed to them. We need to take learned about perseverance and courage against tyranny. I would like to establish a school for Palestinian children because they too want to live like the others children that are free from cruelty. I hope that my dreams fulfilled in order to help those who are in need.

    Nothing is impossible if we try and continue to strive to succeed. The successful always has a number of projects planned, to which he looks forward. Anyone of them could change the course of his life overnight.

    1. Paragraph 2 --> Therefore, they need to learn about salvation when performing this challenging activity.
      You write the wrong spelling of 'challenging'.

  72. What I Did Last School Holiday ?
    Last holiday, my family and I having a very great holiday. My parents just took their free time and we did not want to miss the opportunity to spend the holiday together. We started our journey in the dawn to avoid the traffic. Before that, my father had to prepare for our safety , he took our car for service. We arrived at Kelantan in the evening. The journey to Kelantan took about eight or nine hours.

    First of all, we checked in to the hotel to take a nap. My parents planned to started our vacation at the museum. I learned a few of history of Kelantan. This state was known as Negeri Cik Siti Wan Kembang for a long time ago. The location of that museum was at the capital of this state, Kota Bharu. Almost one hour we walked throughout the museum to observe the artifacts and residual things. After that, we gathered at the restaurant called Wau. I was truly wanted to give a try on their tradisional foods. We ordered numerous types of foods such as Kuih Akok, Nasi Tumpang and Jalamas. That was the most delicious foods I had try.
    Then, my father wanted to go back to the hotel for some rest. He had to recharge his energy for tomorrow morning.

    The next morning, my mother prepared our simple breakfast. She said that the weather for today was suitable for a picnic. We decided to go for picnic at the famous beach called Cahaya Bulan. As we thought, many people visited that picturesque beach. We did various of activities such as swimming, riding jet ski and playing volley ball. My parents choosed under the shaddy tree as a picnic site. After enjoyed the scenery, we took a lunch that my mother had prepared. Our next destination was Gua Musang. I was really impressed when i saw that largest district in Kelantan. I could discover the big and unique cave by my own eyes. That was my first experienced! We finished our time for two hours in Gua Musang.

    The last placed we visited were the festal nightmarket known as Pasar Siti Khadijah. Siti Khadijah nightmarket was a very special place because that was only the woman vendors could sell the stuffs.My mother took her time for shopping while my sisters photographed a lively atmosphere that night.

    I bought some souvenirs for my friends.The next day was time to go home. We packed our things that night and had some rest for tomorrow journey. I really enjoyed with my family having a good day in Kelantan although there were only for three days. I hope that I can go for another holiday in one month !

    1. Paragraph 1 --> Last holiday, my family and I had a very great holiday.
      You must use 'had' for past tense.

    All of the people may have someone to be admire. Same goes to me. To me admiration is a kind of respect. It is just not for fun but to build an inspiration for our sake.

    A person that I admire is my cousin, Jazilah. Jazilah is the daughter of my eldest uncle and is exactly nine years older than me. We share the same birthday. I think she is a very gorgeous and pretty, she has a very clean square face. She has almond-shaped hazel-coloured eyes that sparkle especially when she smile. Her smile is mesmerising and she has perfect pearl white teeth. She has two dimples on both of her chin.

    What makes Jazilah so lovable is her sense of humour. She always brighten up my day with witty comments and amazing jokes. Although she looks like a child, she is a well manners person. She respects the elders and never disobey her parents. My cousin also very good in cooking everything, stitching clothes and excellent in her education.

    Jazilah is studying medicine in Melbourne. She has many positive traits and best of all her drive and persistence. She never gives up and she always give her best. This is evident in his studies. She was on average student in school but she excelled over last few years and was awarded a scholarship.

    Jazilah is a true inspiration to me. I am inspired by the manner in which her succeeded, through sheer hard work and with positive attitude. She still motivates me with quotes and stories to keep my spirits up. In short, Jazilah is my personal idol and I wish to be like him someday.

    1. Paragraph 3 --> My cousin also very good in cooking, stitching and excellent in her education.
      No need to put everything and clothes.

  74. My Friend !
    Friendship is one of the most important things in our lives. Sometimes we can not live without friend. No doubt, I also have many friends but not all of them can be trusted. Otherwise, friendship does not exist where tastes, feeling and sentiment are not similar.

    One of my best friend is Syazana. She is the closest friend that I have. Everyone called her Nana. I have known her since we were in the primary school. We start to be close when we are in secondary school. Furthermore, we are in the same class till now. Before we become a close friend, I thought that she is a quiet person but that was not her attitude. She is a cheerful and funny person. Although she is not in a good mood, she will not show her bad side and makes me laugh. I could say that she is not good in hurting the other feeling.

    Syazana is an honest and reliable person. We can share our problems and of course, she is a good listener. She will try to comfort me and does not put me down. I suggest her to be a councellor in the future. The most interesting about our friendship, we never have a fight even one day. Some people thinks that we are not really sincere to be friend since we never have a fight with each other. That is a wrong expectation because we want to take care our friendship without any misunderstanding.

    Besides that, Syazana also doing well in school. She is an athlete and very good in her studies. She represented our school in various sports such as netball, handball and field events. Netball is one of her favourite sport and she will spend her leisure time to play netball in the evening. In the weekend, sometimes we will go to each other's house and do our homeworks together. I know her family well as she. I really hope that our friendship will last longer in the future.

    Last but not least, friend are born, not made. It is said that a friend in need is a friend in deed. There may be many friends at the time of prosperity. But most of them desert at the time of adversity. We can examine the sincerity of friend during our time of hardships and trouble. Only a sincere friends remains with us at time of our trouble. It is very painful when a friend turn traitors. So try to be a faithful friend not for only one day but forever.

    1. Paragraph 1 --> Sometimes we cannot live without friend.
      The word 'can' must be close to 'not' .
      By the way, I love your essay!

  75. Start an essay with ' if I only listen....

    If I only listen to my parents it would never became like this. I really regretted. My parents had warned me never to take that particular route because they had seen too many strange-looking men in that area. It was a shorter route to my tuition center. The route stretched for about a hundred meters and was lined with trees.
    One afternoon, after my tuition class, I decided to walk through the area. I told myself that I would be careful and at the first sign of danger, I would run. I wandered in and was happy to see no one in sight. All I saw were a few stray cats and dogs.
    When I was halfway, I felt as if someone was watching me. The youths were rather big-sized, wore jeans and jackets. I was afraid but there was nothing I could do except to keep walking. As I reached the group of youths, they suddenly moved and surrounded me. “Do you have any money?” said a voice. Before I could replay, I felt a hand grabbing my wallet.
    I turned round and saw a boy taking all the money out of my wallet. Then, he threw the wallet down. As I bent to pick it up, someone kicked me. I fell. Then, all of them started to kick me. I screamed and yelled as loudly as I could.
    Suddenly, the boys started running in different directions. I was surprised. I looked up and saw a policeman running towards me. The policeman took me to the police station and called my parents. My parents were furious with me for not listen to their advice and putting myself in danger. Indeed, it had been a painful experience. I never went that way again.

    1. An interesting essay..
      There is some mistake.. I don't know how to mention the paragraph, so it is at line 11..
      Before I could replay = Before I could reply

      line 13
      I turned round = I turned around

      nice essay..

  76. My pet
    Meow...meow...meow.... I heard a sound of a kitten from nearby. I looked around and saw a cute kitten in rubbish. I took it and gave some food to it. I felt pity to the kitten and make decision to take it the kitten back home with me.

    At home, I called my mom and told her what happened to me and the kitten. Then, I told my mom to make the kitten as my pet. Furthermore, I don’t have any pet in my home. So, I think this is a chance for me to have a pet.

    My mom is agreed and helped me to wash the kitten. I gave the kitten a name. I called it as Conan. I gave that name because I loved the movie of Detective Conan. After ate my lunch, I spent my time with Conan.

    At night, I sleep with my loved Conan. Every day I spent my leisure time with it. I always play with it. By the simple word, every time I will spend my time with Conan. so, I would not feel bored.

    But in one day, something happened to Conan. He falls sick in four day. I am worried with it condition. So, my family and I brought it to the doktor haiwan. Doctor told me that Conan has infection of bacteria. Conan can’t be saved.

    Since Conan died, I felt lonely and bored. My friend that I needed has died. I really miss to my pet. After Conan, I never want to has a pet because no one can be same like Conan. it is the best that I have.

    1. An interesting essay..
      But there is some mistake..

      at first paragraph,
      decision to take it the kitten back home = decision to take it back home

      third paragraph,
      My mom is agreed = My mom agreed

  77. My best friend

    Friend is important to us especially to teenager. My best friend is Nik Nurul Ain Ehzani. I have known her for nine years. I first met her when she joined my class in Year Two. We have been friends ever since then.
    Nik Nurul Ain is a tall girl and is 165 cm in height. She has an ideal body. Her hair is black and straight. He has small eyes, a pointed nose and a cute face. He is usually smiling and so he has a very pleasant, friendly face. Nik Nurul Ain is a cheerful person. She always narrate drollery story and make me laugh especially when I felt sad and moody. One of the best things about her is that she is very caring. She is willing to help anyone in trouble and you can always depend on her. She is also a very friendly person. He is not proud and makes friends easily. So, it is not surprise that he is one of the most popular girls in school.
    I think one of the reasons that Nik and I get along so well is that we have many things in common. We are both prefects and members of the culture clubs. We have represented our school in a few competitions. Our hobbies too are similar. We both like kills our time by surfing internet to get something new and chatting. Since I and she have same hobbies we like to share what we found in social network.
    Nik is truly a very good friend. She has always helped me in times of trouble. I normally share all my problems with him because he gives me good advice. He also encourages me whenever I feel down. Once when I was sick, he came over every day and told me amusing stories that made me laugh and cheered up.
    I am very thankful that I have such a good friend like Nik. I hope that we will remain friends always.

    1. An interesting essay..
      But there is some mistake..

      sometime you use the word he, and sometime you use the word she..

  78. The embarrassing moment in my life

    Last Monday was the most embarrassing moment in my life. I will never forget it. It started just like any ordinary day. My mother needed some things from the shop and so she asked my brother, Firdaus and me to buy the things from shops nearby. We set off happily and joked along the way.
    When we reached the shops, we were surprised to find that there were few people around. The roads were rather empty. Suddenly, we saw a man breaking the window of the shop selling necklace. The man quickly grabbed a few necklaces from the shop window and then fled. At first, Firdaus and I were to shocked to move. Then, we started to chase the man and shouted for help. A lot of people were looking at us but no one came to help us. I really felt wondered with what happened. At last we caught up with the man and jumped over him. We immediately started pummeling him with our blows. The man struggled desperately and shouted something to us but we did not listen.
    Just then, a policeman appeared. We started telling the policeman about the thief and how we had caught him. In our minds, we thought that we were real heroes and we knew that our parents would be very proud of us. To our astonishment, the policeman started laughing. He pointed to some cameras and explained that the man was not really a thief. He was actually a famous actor who was shooting a film. The director of the film was angry with us because we had disturbed the filming. Moreover, we had a bruised the main actor.
    My brother and I apologized profusely and quickly ran off home without buying the things my mother wanted. When we told our parents about what had happened they laughed heartily. For days after that we were the laughing stock of the school.
    Until now, I bear in my mind with this incident. I never forget it because this is the embarrassing moment in my whole life.

  79. MY DREAM

    All of us have dream. Some wish to become famous people like politicians, actors and athletes who are always in the limelight. Others wish to venture into business to earn money and become wealthy and successful. As for me, I would just like to be a successful person in my life and be a doctor.
    This dream of becoming a doctor is close to my heart because doctors are able to serve and help people. As we know, our country still lacks doctors and medical specialists. If I succeed in becoming a doctor, I would first work in a government hospital. I would try my utmost to treat all my patients kindly, whether they are rich or poor. I would be responsible for their welfare until they heal completely.
    After a few years with the government hospital, I hope to open a clinic so that I can help even more people. I will open my clinic in the country. In my opinion, in the country the people probably poor and undergo so much problem in their health. So, with my savvy in medical will used it for help them. I’m sure they also can be success in their life as people in city.
    One way to help is to reduce the medical fees for those who are less well off. It will give the people chance to get the treatment as soon as possible. I also hope to get other doctors who would be willing to give voluntary service to help look after the poor.
    By being a doctor, I will be of service to both the country and the society. With this in mind, I have resolved to work diligently in my studies to achieve my dream and suddenly be my ambition.
    This is only a dream for me. I will take this as the motivated in myself and being successful person to achieve my dream. Hopefully it will become a true dream in my life. ‘ If I wants something I will try to get it ’, I always bear this word in my mind so that I will achieve my dream.

    1. An interesting essay..
      But there is some mistake..

      our country still lacks doctors = our country still lacks of doctors

      In my opinion, in the country the people probably poor and undergo .. there is no verb...

  80. Turning On a New Leaf
    Arif is a boy who age seventeen years old. He is the benjamin of his family. He will be sitting his SPM another a few months. He does not study and focus for his school. He always played truant when he does not like the subject of that day. He follows his geng loitering at shopping complex. They like playing video arcades and singing at karaoke lounges. They kill their time throughout the day in entertainment centre.
    His SPM exam had just ended. The result may affect his future. When his result out, he is feeling blue because he failed. His family never think about him. That is why he has became like this. Without much education, he finds a job. He takes decision to work with his friends, Ayie. Ayie successful rope in his friends, Arif to sell piracy DVD’s.
    One day, throughout the day sell DVD’s in busy street, the place had raid by MBSA officers. He felt shocked with what happened. He saved itself to escape from them. After the incident, the next day he continued his activities as usual. He like doing this job because it easy to make the money.
    After a few months later, he had been caught with red-handed at the busy street. The judge punishment him jailed about three months and have fined RM 5000.00. It is because he had breaking the law of country. He kills his time in the jail for about three months.
    Three months later, the jail sentence had completed. He is released by the warden of jail. His parents waited at entrance of the jail to pick up him. He has regretted and promised to itself for not do the job again. His parents count their bless to God after their son have changed. He motto now is to be a useful boy and upright person. After out from jail, he is starting his new life with a good deeps in his lifestyle.

    1. An interesting essay..
      But there is some mistake..

      another a few months = another few months.

      The judge punishment = The judge punished

  81. act of kindness
    Nowadays, it is hard to find a kind person. This is because at this era and modern, many crime crisis had happened and shown by the newspaper. However, kind person still exist in this world but in a small number. For me, the kindest person in my life is my own mother.

    When i was still a little baby, she is the one who patiently took care of me. If I get a fever or everytime when I sick , she is the one who will willingly look after me and stay awake in the midnight to ward me. She is the greaest mother in the world.

    I still remember an incident which had happened 4 years ago - when i was 12 years old. It is 2 week holiday in May. As it is the first day of holiday, i wanted to get relax all day long. A week before the holiday , i have to face examination. So, every night, I will burn the midnight oil. I had to sleep late at night because I was too busy studying to get prepared.

    It is my time to get relax. After i perform my prayer , i went back to my bedroom and sleep again. Just a few minute i had slept, my mother called me. She asked me to help her to buy groceries. I felt disturbed and annoyed by my mother. I ignored my mother and pretend to sleep and hoping that she did not called me again.

    "Shaheizy! Can you help your mother buy severel thing. I want to cook for our breakfast", my mother said to me.

    I still ignored my mother. But after several times, i get iritated and mad.

    "Shut your mouth, mom! I want to sleep! Get out from my room!", i shouted to my mother.

    Then , my mother went out from my room with tear at her eyes. My mother went buy the groceries by herself. I went to sleep back. I woke up at noon when my mother busy cooking at kitchen for lunch. After I took my bath, I went to dining room . There is a roti canai under the laborer. Maybe my mother had no time to cook for breakfast. I felt very guilty but i stayed silence. In the evening , I get bored stayed in house without doing nothing. I ask my mother to go out riding the motorcycle. She did not say any word after a few minutes, so I just went out.

    I want to go to a park near my house. Eventhough it is near, but i still rode the motorcycle at speed 100km/h. Unfortunately, at a junction, there was a big hole. I did not noticed the hole and i hit it. I fell down and got unconscious. When I awake, I found that I at a hospital with a broken arm . I saw my mother beside me sleeping. I felt very affected and upset with my action towards my mother. Although I shouted at her, but he still wanted to take care of me. When my mother woke up and saw I concius , she smile with joy and say alhamdulillah to Allah.

    Her attitude had make me cry. I asked her forgiveness again and again. I knew that i had done a very big fault. After that day, I always obey my mother and did not against her anymore.

    1. very good story..but after this please use capital letter for I if you mention yourself...

  82. My Pet
    Long time ago, when i still an only child of my parent, which is when I am 7 years old, I have a very cute pet. Its name is bunny and it is a rabbit. It is male, and had a beautiful white fur with black spot at his eyes. It is very friendly and daring. It will be there when i need a friend to play with. When i was lonely, I will play and talked to him like it will understand my words.

    The moment when I met him is when my father and me went to town . My father want to buy some equipment for his work as a mechanic. I had to beg to join him went to town. It is my first time went to town. I found many things but the most attractive is a pet shop. I asked my father to let me went to the shop. After he bought his equipment , he let me to go to the shop.

    In the shop, I saw many animals such as cat, bird, and hamster. Then I saw bunny , it was still a small rabbit. It was really cute but lonely at corner of the cage. I felt touched and begged to my father with a puppy eyes look to brought bunny back. I was very happy when my father's answer was yes. I took cared of Bunny like he was my younger brother.

    One memorable night, I slept as always. Bunny was in his cage at outside my house. I was soundly slept when suddenly I heard a dog barking outside my house. I tried to ignore but after a minute , i remembered that bunny was outside the house. Without thinking, I rushed down the stairs as my house was a double-storey house. I hit the door so that it will sound loudly before I opened it to scared the dog. I opened the door and take a looked outside the house. Then, I saw a big and tall dog jump across a small gate in front of my house and I also saw that Bunny was hurt. His body was bleeding . Maybe the dog wanted to eat Bunny, but Bunny was in the cage, so it only can scratch Bunny with his sharp nail.

    I went upstairs to woke up my father , and asked him to go to animal clinic. My father told me that my animal clinic did not open at late of midnight. I felt very sad and cried. I cannot helped Bunny, but I still tried. I went down and bandaged Bunny. I felt sorry and went to bad. I cannot sleep because thinking of Bunny for an hour an half before i fell asleep. When i'm awake in the morning, my father told me that Bunny was dead. I cried again. I did not know how my life will be without Bunny.

    Bunny was the first and the last animal that be my pet. A month after that , my mother got pregnant and i be a brother. My life did not lonely anymore because I had a friend finally but I still miss Bunny always and forever.

    1. very interesting story but as usual please use capital I when you mention yourself..
      in paragraph , I went to woke up my father...actually the sentences is like this I went to wake up my father..

      please use root word after you see or write 'to'...

  83. This comment has been removed by the author.

  84. dear Husna, I want to comment on your essay :"If only I listen...'
    -a spelling mistake on paragraph 1, 'lass' should be 'last'
    -a grammar mistake,'I starts' should be 'I start'

    1. oh ! sorry . I will be more careful next time . thank you .

  85. dear Husna, I want to comment on your essay :"My family'
    -paragraph 3, 'she never neglect' should be 'she never neglects'
    -paragraph 5 'borm' should be 'born'

    1. you're right safiah . There must be 's' because 'she' is singular . thank you .

  86. dear Husna, I want to comment on your essay :"My best friend'
    on paragraph 3,
    -'we starts' should be ' we start'
    -'the sentence 'Some student, they just good in academic but for she, she good in academic and also very active in sport.'I cannot understand this sentence. Do explain to me.

    1. ohh . I will explain to you . The sentence means that some student just good in their academic but for she (syazana) , she is a balance student . she good in study and not forget to get involve in sport . I hope my explanation will help you to understand the sentence .

  87. dear Husna, I want to comment on your essay :"Kindness'
    on paragraph 1
    -'Kind is one of the human's nature' should be 'Kind is one of the human's natures'
    -'Basically, the people like Encik Khairul is arrogant' should be 'Basically, the people like Encik Khairul are arrogant'

    1. ohh . I was wrong . thank you for reprimand me .

  88. dear Husna, I want to comment on your essay :"My pet"
    -on paragraph 1, 'Some people makes the animal as their pet.' should be 'Some people make the animal as their pet.'
    -on paragraph 2,'Koko has a thick furs' should be 'Koko has thick furs'

    1. ohh . okay . I will remember it and will not make it wrong again for the next essay .

  89. dear Husna, I want to comment on your essay :"My dream'
    -on paragraph 1,'Therefore many steps is needed to achieve the dream' should be 'Therefore, many steps are needed to achieve the dream'
    -on paragraph 5, ' can save many life' should be ' can save many lives'

    1. ohh . my mistake . After the word 'many' , of course need to use 'are' . "many' is plural . So, need to add 's' . thank you safiah .

  90. 'If Only I Listen'

    If only I listen to my mom's warning,of course I did not lied on a bed in a hospital. The story started when I insist to go out. Once I happened to meet an accident. It was a street accident. I caused me serious fracture at my backbone. My skull was also greatly wounded at its right side. I was completely senseless just after the accident occurred. When I got back my sense, I found myself in the Surgical Ward of the General Hospital,Sg Buloh. It took complete two days to bring back my sense. Full six months elapsed to cure me completely. My parent and my brothers and sisters hastened to Sg Buloh and attended on me. Proper care and treatment saved me from the early end of my life.
    On my birthday of this year, I was on my bicycle in the early morning I am a good cyclist. But every good turns becomes bad when fate goes against a person. At Ladang Baru, a heavy truck was rushing front, from the opposite side. A bullock cart was there on the road. I thought that the cart-man would halt there till the truck passed by. But the cart-man suddenly left his cart in motion. I was caught between the cart and the truck. I could not decide what to do. I lost all control on my nerve.
    The front wheel of my bicycle got into a wheel of the cart and I fell down before its wheel. I was fortunate enough not to be darted before the truck. Otherwise I would have been subject to an instant death on the very spot. The cart-man could not control his bullocks and the wheel rolled on my spinal chord. There and then, I got senseless. I do not know how my skull was wounded. Perhaps it was due to a heavy kick charged by one of the bullock.
    This accident was the only major accident in my life. Since then, I keep myself keep very careful when I ride on a bicycle.

  91. Family
    What is meant by family. My family is my support system, my mother, aunts, and cousins all provide me with some type of support or guidance. To me family means love, friendship, and support.
    Love is something that everyone knows about whether is receiving love or giving love. It is a feeling that no human being can live without, my family feels love is a big issue. In my life time there were situations that arouse that I would not have made it through without my family. When I was in great sorrow, my aunt took off work so that she could be with me during my time of grief.
    Our family system is very unique because everyone takes care of everyone in some way. Obviously my parents take care of the entire family, but in my family the oldest takes care of everyone younger and the next takes care of those who are under them and so on. Our system works well because sometimes my parents can’t be there or help out so we look to our other family members for advice or help. It just brings our family closer and closer.
    My family members are very caring and watchful. If there is an opposing force it will be noticed and seen. We as a family then communicate it to each other or to that one person directly. We then leave it up to that family member to deal with it on their own unless asked or if it is a real serious situation. Opposing forces have no place in our family because we keep it so tight.
    I love everything that I have especially my family. They mean so much to me. They are my strength, my life and my everything. If I had to choose, I will always choose them as my family. I’m so grateful that I have them in my life.That's why I love my family so much.
    Posted by Nor Shakirah at 22:47 No comments:
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    What I Did During Last School Holiday
    Everyone has their memorable one trough its life. During the last school holidays, my family and I went for a trip to Kuala Lumpur. It spent 2 days 1 night.We left at 7o’clock after packing up our belongings. While going to our destination, I took out my favorite book which I bring along the way to read.
    After 4 hours, we reached our destination, Kuala Lumpur safely. Even though the weather was extremely hot and humid, my beloved family and I felt cozy as the car was fully air-conditioned. Then, we checked in at the hotel and put our luggage in the room. The room was big and beautiful.
    Later, we visited National Zoo. There were many people in the zoo. When we were entering the zoo, we saw a few lions and tigers were in big cages. Next, we saw monkeys and birds. The monkeys were swinging from tree to tree happily and the birds were flying freely. I did not miss the opportunity to take some snapshots as remembrance.
    Later, we went to a seafood restaurant near the zoo to have lunch. Then, we went to Petronas Twin Tower. The tower was magnificent. In fact, the scenery was breathtaking and amazing. We enjoyed the scenery very much.After that, we went back to the hotel tiredly.
    On the next day, the weather was fine. After having breakfast, my family and I went to KLCC. We bought a lot of souvenirs. Then, we went to Cineplex to watch a comedy movie. My sister and I were deliriously happy as it was our first experience to watch movie at the Cineplex.
    Then, we went to the aquarium. There were many types of fish and aquatic animals, like butterfly fish, manta, balloon fish, mussel, starfish and more.
    At 5o’clock, we went to the hotel to take a rest and checked out from the hotel. Then, we went back to Sungai Buloh reluctantly.
    It was a memorable holidays for my entire family. I hope we could go there in the immediate future.

  92. Love
    Love, that one emotion that makes enemies into friends and friends into enemies. So many legends surround this emotion, from the goddess Athena and Helen of Troy to Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.

    Love comes in so many different levels, that it doesn't appear to be the same emotion at all, but it is. There is so much to love, that it will be hard to put into this simple essay. It can tear people apart and make us do irrational things to bringing together entire nations. What can this emotion not do? It's hard to tell, but there is a lot it can.

    This emotion, bring tears to our eyes when something happens to our family members, friends, and pets. When we feel love ripped from us, as in death or being spurned by another, we do things we wouldn't normally do, such as go on violent rampages, or mourn to the extent that our loved ones have to watch us constantly to make sure we don't try anything like suicide. Some can move on, always remembering the lost loved one after a while, but others can not let go. These are the ones that need our love and support the most.

    There are so many levels to love, that I can only express a few of them here. These are the ones we see most in life. Friendship starts this list off. Yes, it doesn't seem like it, but we do feel love towards our friends, this is what helps us get along so well, and why we miss them when we don't see our friends for a long time. It's also why we hold certain friends over others no matter what happens. Sometimes, the bond between friends deepens to the point where a stronger bond of love is made, making them family.

    Another level of love, are for our siblings and other family members. Even though we do things to our family members, and sometimes we don't like some of our family, that bond is still there. It's this family bond level of love that brought about the phrase, blood is thicker than water. We will do things for our brothers, sisters, mothers, fathers, and children before we would even consider doing them for anyone else. Many wars have been started because of this family level, brother avenging brother or father, father protecting his wife and children, or even vice verse. This simple family bond can even extend to include our pets, amazingly enough, and that is a good thing.

    A third level to love, is the bond that brings man and woman together. This level is among the strongest of them all. It is this level of love that has brought together kingdoms into nations in the past, and ended many great wars. It's is also for the love of a woman that has started a few of our well-known wars, like the Trojan Wars of ancient times. It's brought together families that have argued for years and years, such as in the Shakespearean play, Romeo and Juliet. Even though the two mentioned killed themselves in the end, it still brought their families together.

    The last mentionable level of love is that bond between a mother and her children. There is no stronger, nor will there ever be. This bond starts from the very first tiny fluttering of movement and never ends, even after death of the child. A mother protects her children in the name of love, and directs them through life using it as the example to follow. Well, at least it should be. It's because of her children a mother will work at a job she hates, just to make sure they have everything they could ever want or need.

    The phrase, love makes the world go round is very true. It's is our driving force, for what ever reason it may be. Poems, plays, and legends can only briefly touch the true meaning of love. We can only feel what that meaning is, and express it in ways only we can understand towards another. The true question we should be asking is not, what is life, but what is love.

  93. A Person That I Admire
    Admire?? When people are asked about the question who is the one they admire most, the answers could not be more different. Indeed, everyone has his/her hero on heart. And I also have mine: he is my father. There are various reasons why he is the person I admire the most; he gave me life, watched me grow up and helped me during my adolescent years. He is also my best friend.
    Throughout the years, my father is my awesome and best teacher. He took an active role in my education. From my childhood, I was taught speaking, reading and writing by him. After I grew up, my father tried his best to shape my personality as patient and optimistic when facing difficulties. He was strict with me, but got never tired of my mistakes. As a straight-A student in the university, now I cannot help but attribute my present status to my educational foundation that my father helped establish very early in my life.
    What’s more, my father is also my best friend. Over the years, he successfully made the transition from a strict father to a kind friend. Once I am in trouble which I could not solve by myself, the first person to whom I give the call is my father, because I know the things I get from him will be both the consolation and the support. He has always been on my side and cared about my development. The reliability is what I care most when dealing with relationship with other people, and also the character what I can find from my father.
    Although many people admire the famous person or a super star, I insist on taking my father, an ordinary man as my hero. My father, educated me since my birth and during my adolescence, and he was both as a father and a friend. This is why no one can ever supersede the place of my father as my hero.

  94. The Embarrasing Moment
    Jenny and I were walking home from school.On our way back home,we went to a shop to buy a present for our class teacher. After purchasing the present, we continued walking.
    While walking , we were talking about our examination which was just around the corner. We planned to do a group study. We also talked about the robbery that took place recently at my nousing area.
    All of a sudden , we saw a man snatching a handbag of a woman. The thief managed to snatch the bag and the woman fell down. The woman tried to stand up she could not because she had an injury on her hand.
    Without waiting any longer , I began to chase the thief. At the same time , Jenny went to find a telephone booth to call the police. I continued to chase the thief while shouting for help.
    After half an hour , I managed to catch the thief and I tied a cloth at her mouth and hands. I felt proud because I managed to catch him. As I was angry with him ,I hit the thief several times using a stick. The thief groaned in pain while struggling to free himself.
    Then, I brought the thief to the place where the incident took place. The thief tried very hardly to release himself by shouting but I did not bother him and tightened the cloth that I tied at his mouth. On my way, I was thinking of my great job of catching the thief. I even thought that my parents would be proud of him.
    When I reached the place, I was surprised to see many people were looking at me. I saw Jenny was standing there while smiling but I did not know why he was smiling.
    After that, a man came near me and asked me to release the 'thief'

  95. My best friend
    Everyone has friends.I also has many friends.It is a friend in need is a friend indeed. An ideal friend possesses all the qualities of head and heart. It is easy to befriend many but difficult to choose good friends. God gives us relatives by virtue of being born in a family, but friends we can choose.
    Shamimi is my best friend. She is from U P , a young lady of 18 with a thin body. But she has scholarly looks. She has a personality and manners that never fail to make an impression on others. Her presence in a company always makes it lively. Straightforward and outspoken , she never feels shy in the company of his seniors. She respects her elders and is affectionate and kind to the youngsters.
    Despite her religious bent of mind and high thinking Shamimi always keeps himself trim by wearing decent clothes.Her dress shows how much care she takes in creating a total effect of her personality. There is nothing in her appearance which may give even the slightest feeling of his indifference and carelessness. She has a disciplined way of leading his life.
    I am proud of my friend. She is intelligent in studies. All the students of her class look forward to her for guidance.She also is in the good books of the teachers. She has taken up N.C.C in the school. She was declared as the best cadet in the zone.
    She speaks English fluently. She is also very good at writing. She has a good at writing .She has a good style of her own.Besides, she is a good thinker. Even the teachers sometimes call for her opinion in school matters. She always calls a spade a spade. All the things have endeared him to all of us.

  96. What I Did During Last School Holiday
    Everyone has their memorable one trough its life. During the last school holidays, my family and I went for a trip to Kuala Lumpur. It spent 2 days 1 night.We left at 7o’clock after packing up our belongings. While going to our destination, I took out my favorite book which I bring along the way to read.
    After 4 hours, we reached our destination, Kuala Lumpur safely. Even though the weather was extremely hot and humid, my beloved family and I felt cozy as the car was fully air-conditioned. Then, we checked in at the hotel and put our luggage in the room. The room was big and beautiful.
    Later, we visited National Zoo. There were many people in the zoo. When we were entering the zoo, we saw a few lions and tigers were in big cages. Next, we saw monkeys and birds. The monkeys were swinging from tree to tree happily and the birds were flying freely. I did not miss the opportunity to take some snapshots as remembrance.
    Later, we went to a seafood restaurant near the zoo to have lunch. Then, we went to Petronas Twin Tower. The tower was magnificent. In fact, the scenery was breathtaking and amazing. We enjoyed the scenery very much.After that, we went back to the hotel tiredly.
    On the next day, the weather was fine. After having breakfast, my family and I went to KLCC. We bought a lot of souvenirs. Then, we went to Cineplex to watch a comedy movie. My sister and I were deliriously happy as it was our first experience to watch movie at the Cineplex.
    Then, we went to the aquarium. There were many types of fish and aquatic animals, like butterfly fish, manta, balloon fish, mussel, starfish and more.
    At 5o’clock, we went to the hotel to take a rest and checked out from the hotel. Then, we went back to Sungai Buloh reluctantly.
    It was a memorable holidays for my entire family. I hope we could go there in the immediate future.

  97. Dear Safiah , I want comment your essay : Kindness .
    Safiah , there is a grammar mistake .
    -On paragraph 2 : The sentence “she is being robbed !” should be “she was being robbed!” because the story is past tense .

  98. Dear Safiah , I want comment your essay : My Pet .
    -On paragraph 1 : The sentence “I choose cat as my pet cat” should be “I choose cat as my pet” . No need add cat more at the back because if you put it , it’s like repeat the same thing .
    -As the Puteh is an animal . I think you should use ‘it’ not ‘he’ because ‘it’ is more suitable for an animal .

    1. I will be more careful in my next essay. thank you.

  99. Dear Safiah , I want comment you essay : My Dream .
    Safiah , you have a great dream .
    -On paragraph 4 : The sentence “If someone need to undergone neurosurgery …” should be “ If someone need to undergo neurosurgery …”

    1. Yes you're right. should be root word after 'to'.

  100. Dear Safiah , I want comment your essay : The Person That I Admire .
    Grammar mistake :-
    -On paragraph 3 : The sentence “He has left his mark in every aspect” should be “ He had left his mark in every aspect “

    1. my mistake. i will not repeat the same mistake again.

  101. Dear Safiah , I want comment on your essay : What I did Last School Holiday .
    -On paragraph 4 : The sentence “As I took my seat on a flimsy woody bench, and looked around me, I can see a flurry of activities “ should be “As I took my seat on a flimsy woody bench, and looked around me, I can saw a flurry of activities” .

    1. i think my grammar is right since we need to use root word after 'can'. i think you should refer to Pn. Saibah again.

  102. Dear Safiah , I want comment on your essay : If Only I Listen .
    - Your essay is quite interesting but what happen to you and your friend next ? Your ending is not very clear . Loves to know the continuous of the story .

    1. of course, they went home safely and met their parents. it was a happy ending.


    last holiday I returned to my hometown to visit my grandfather and grandmother. The atmosphere was peaceful and quiet allows me to wander. When i reached at Pak Seman orchard, I look at his ripen rambutan. Without thinking I stepped into the orchard. I climbed the trees that had the most fruit. While picking and eating fruits suddenly i remembered Pak Seman. What if he suddenly appeared?

    Suddenly, I heard people talking. I quickly hid and peeped from between the leaves of rambutan tree. Pak Seman and his wife looked toward the tree that i climbed. My body started to tremble. Sweat on my forehead. To go down, then fall from the tree is no longer possible. Pak Seman and his wife were about 10 meters away from the tree.

    One or two ants crawling on leg then bit me. I resisted the pain. Then dozens of ants crawling on my leg. It all began attack me. The ants into the pants, to the clothes, and began to bit. I already cannot stand the pain. I am desperate. I went down quickly and fell.

    Pak Seman surprised me with his loud voice. I do not care. I quickly ran. I kept running until at the end of the orchard. Suddenly, I fell into a well. Moments later, I heard footsteps stopped at the edge of the well. Pak Seman glance at his face.

    I cling to the fibrous roots on the banks of the well and managed to rise to the top. Pak Seman immediately grasped my hand firmly. Then brought me back to my grandparents house. Pak Seman told what happened to my father. I was beaten with a cane. Since then, I do not to enter the orchard again.

    1. Dear Azreen, I want to comment your essay; what I did during holiday...
      your essay is more to adventure..great!


    It was during the Hari Raya Season that Halim and Samy got hold of some firecrackers. Halim suggested that they make a huge firecracker so that they can get a super load bang. Samy agreed.

    Halim fetched some newspaper while Samy removed the gunpowder from the firecrackers.

    When Samy had removed enough gunpowder, Halim poured the powder into the tube that he had made out of newspaper. It was going to be giant firecracker indeed!

    Next Halim began pounding on the gunpowder in the paper tube to make it more compact. What he didi not realise was that the gunpowder was very unstable and could ignite easily. Pounding on the powder could very well do it.

    And it did!

    The gunpowder ignited with an almighty blast, taking off one Halim's fingers and burning the two friends in many places.

    In hospital all they could do were to regret thier stupid actions. They were fortunate that their injuries were not worse. They could have been killed.

    1. Dear Syafinaz I want to comment your essay: what i did during last holiday.

      On paragraph 5 line 2, "What he didi not realise was that the gunpowder was very unstable and could ignite easily".

      It should be "What he DID not REALIZE was that the gunpowder was very unstable and could ignite easily"


    A few years ago I experienced an incident that was embarrasing moment in my life.

    It began one morning just as I was getting ready go to school. I put on my school uniform and my shoes. One of my shoes felt a bit tight but I did not pay much attention to it.

    Then I got my schoolbag and hopped into my father's car. I sat in front. My two sisters sat on the back seat.

    After a short while I felt something move in my right shoe. Strange, I thougt, how my toes should wiggle so. I dismissed the thougt from my mind.

    It wiggled again, and again. I felt the hair on the back neck rise eerily. My goodness, there was something inside my shoe! Adozen images of what it could be ran across my mind. I gave a yell of fear and hurriedly pulled my shoe off and dropped it on the floor-board.

    By then my father had stopped the car to see what the matter it was. All eyes were on the shoe. What was inside it?

    Then slowly a very dazedand squashed frog emerged from the shoe! It was still alive. M y father deftly picked it up with his fingers and tossed it out thee window. I breathed a sigh of relief. They laughed. It was very embarrasing me.

    Nowadays I always check my shoes before wearing them.

    1. Dear Syafinaz, i want to comment your essay:the embarrassing moment moment in my life.

      on paragraph 5 line 2, "Adozen images of what it could be ran across my mind."

      It should be "A DOZEN images of what it could be ran across my mind."

      On paragraph 7 line 2, "Then slowly a very dazedand squashed......"

      It should be " The slowly a very DAZE AND squashed...."

      Be careful with embarrassing spelling.


    Mimie is my bestfriend.
    She also my classmate and she sits infront of me in class. We are usually together during recess and whenever we are not in class.

    I am little bit taller than Mimie but she is by far stonger than me. She has all those rippling muscles from helping her family cultivate vegetables. As you can see he comes from poor family of vegetables gardeners. I come from a well-to-do family.

    Her skin is permanently tanned from those hours he spent under the sun. My skin, by comparison, is pale and tender.
    Despite the differences between us, we get along superbly. She is such a jovial person even though she has to work hard both at home and at school.

    She brings us fresh vegetables now and then. I, in return, let she use my computer and other things she cannot afford to have. Sometimes I spend the afternoon helping her at the vegetable garden.

    Between us, we share these beautiful experiences together, each of us helping the other in whatever we lack.

    1. Dear Syafinaz, I want to comment your essay: my best friend

      On paragraph 2 line 1, "she is by far stonger than me."

      It should be "she is by far STRONGER than me."

  107. LOVE

    I love my grandmother. My grandmother is eighty years old. That, to me, is very old.

    In her old age, ahe sometimes does silly things. My parents say she is senile. I do not agree. I see that she is just absent-minded.

    The other day she came to me saying she could not find her spectacles. She had been searching all over the place for them. Ofcourse she could not find them because they were resting on her forehead all the time! She must have pushed them up there while doing something else and forgot about them. I told her so. She expressed her suprise.

    Once she went next door with her slippers and returned with a pair of wooden clogs.

    She leaves the lights on and forget to turn off the tap. She switches on the fan and says it is cold. She tries to cook without ligthing fire. She sweeps the floor umpteen times a day,
    forgetting she has already swept it. She keeps misplacing her ring, her spectacles and other personal items. In short she is terribly absent-minded, very forgetful.

    What can i do? Well, nothing except to help her as much as I can and to prevent her from causing danger to herself.

    1. Dear Syafinaz, I want to comment your essay:love

      On paragraph 3 line 4, "She expressed her suprise."

      It should be "She expressed her surprise."

  108. IF ONLY I LISTEN ........

    If only I listen my mother want to go out for shopping, I will not alone at home. I felt a bit hungry. I looked in the refrigerator but could not find anything to eat. So, i decided that I would fry myself an egg, sunny side up.

    Even though I had never cooked anything before, I had watched my mother cooked in many times. I reckoned I could manage.

    So I put the frying pan on the stove and added some oil. I waited for the oil to heat up.

    After a while nothing seemed to be happening. The oil was as cold as ever. I had forgotten to light up the stove.

    I lit the fire. When the oil seemed hot enough I cracked the egg and let the contents in the frying pan. Bits of the shell went in too.

    When I attempted to take the fried egg out with the spatula, I could not do so. It was stucked fast to the pan. After a few attempts the agg was in such a mess that I dicovered that I had cooked scrambled egg instead!

    Thus I ended u eating scrmbled egg with bits of shell. It was not too bad, really.

    1. Dear Syafinaz, I want to comment your essay: if only i listen..

      on paragraph 7 line 1, "Thus I ended u eating scrmbled egg with bits of shell."

      It should be " Thus I ended up eating scrambled egg with bits of shell."

  109. FAMILY

    Last Saturday my family went to Port Dickson for picnic. My father took us there in his new car.

    We chose Saturday as it would not be as crowded as it always is on Sunday. Thus when we arrived at the popular Teluk Kemang beach at 9 a.m., we were the first there.

    My mother spread out a large mat that she had brought under a tree. She then arranged food and drinks on it. My father, my two brother, my sister and myself headed straight for the beautiful blue water.

    The water was cool and refreshing. We frolicked about playfully while my father kept watch so that we do not venture too far out.

    An hour later, we came out of the sea as the sun got very hot and we did not want to get sunburned. So we sat under the shade of tree and helped ourselves to food and drinks.

    Then we rubbed sun-tan lotion on our skin and plunged back into the water. Only my mother did not join in.

    Soon it was simply too hot under the sun. We were also too tired to carry on. So we took bath at a nearby hotel, packed up and went home cheerfully.

  110. Dear Syafinaz,I want to comment your essay:family

    on paragraph 3 line 2, "my two brother,"

    It should be "my two brothers"

  111. Dream
    According to Wikipedia, dreams are successions of images, ideas, emotions, and sensations that occur involuntarily in the mind during certain stages of-sleep. But, to me, dream is a fantasy that can be achieved with a very hard effort. Everybody can have their own dream including myself.I have a dream that I want it so badly. I just want to be a well-educated person and high moral behavior. I want to be a person that can be a role model to other people.

    I know to achieve my dreams are very hard and difficult but it is not impossible because my friends, teachers , parent and siblings had gave me moral support. Eventhough it looks like a small help, but it can give a huge effect towards the people whom been supported. I had realized that motivation is very important to build someone self-esteem and spirit to achieved their dreams.

    I need to put a ton of effort to achieve my dream but my life must be well-organized. So, it is the best step to have a timetable. Not only it can make our life organized, but it also make us not forget for our focus to achieve our dream. However, if we just have a timetable but we did not follow the timetable, so the timetable will only be a paper that did not have any value. We must promised to ourself to obey the timetable and fulfilled the promise and try our best to achieve our dreams.

    Our attitude also played an important role in our life. Successful person did not only well-educated, but they have strong will, hardworking, and other positive attitudes. They did not gave up although they have failed so many times. They still try all over and over again and never lose hope. They always think positive and out of the box, see the world in different view.

    Lastly, to achieve dreams, we must know we interested to what. This is because we were born with different type of talent. So, we must know and do what we interested for because it will guarantee our future. If we do something because of what other people say, then we cannot be the best because we did not put all our heart into the job we did.

    In the nutshell, dreaming is not a bad activity if it is logic and not too much. We must know what we must do and what we will do to achieve the dreams. Last but not least, dreams are extremely important. You can't do it unless you imagine it.

  112. What I did during the last school holiday
    The moment that every students in the entire world wait for is the school holiday. It is the time when students relaxing their mind from everything that related to school. I also excited when the school holiday around the corner.

    A week before school holiday, I had to sit for mid year examination. I had to burn the midnight oil. I felt very sleepy everyday during the examination week. But when the school holiday started , I could sleep for a long time. Everyday I would sleep late at midnight and woke up late too. I wanted to take revenge and slept very long.

    In the second week of school holiday , my family and I went to Pulau Langkawi , somewhere at Kedah. My father drove us until a jetty at Kedah and then we took a ferry to go to Pulau Langkawi. At there, my father rent a car to make our journey easier. Then , we went to Hotel Awana Porto Malai and stayed there for 3 days and 2 nights. The hotel was huge and incredibly amazing.

    After the long journey to the Pulau Langkawi, we relaxed our body in the hotel. Me and my younger brother went to a swimming pool at the ground floor of the hotel. After we swam for a few hours, we went back to our suite. My rest family members still relaxing and their activity continue until evening. After we perform solah maghrib, we went to Restoran Al Salam, a famous restaurant in Pulau Langkawi. Then, we went for a tour near our hotel just to enjoy the night beauty.

    Second day at the legendary island, we went to historical place in the island such as Makam Mahsuri, Beras Terbakar, Kampung Kristal and others. I noticed something when I went to this places which is Malaysia has place that have story behind it that has many mystery and legend. Makam Mahsuri, as example, told us about a women that been killed after she been accused doing immoral things. It teach us not to tell lies and rashly believe bad rumor that spread by the haters.

    Then, we also had enjoyed riding cable car at Gunung mat chingchang. I had a bird's eye view at the top of the mountain. It is so fascinating and I felt very excited. The view had shown the greatness of Allah. My heart felt very grateful and fascinated.

    That is the best moment I had during the school holiday. I always hope that my time at school holiday not be wasted with meaningless thing. My hope had been fulfilled during the last school holiday. In the nutshell, our country has many interesting places to go. So, we must explore our country before went to oversea.

  113. My bestfriends

    Best friend. They are one of the best things that someone had in their whole life. In my secondary high school, I have two bestfriends who is also my classmates. Their names are Akmal and Azim and we are in the same age which is 16 years old.

    Both of them were my classmates since we are still form 1 at Sekolah Menengah Kebangsaan Bukit Gading, the best school in Selangor. We were in class 1C1, 2C1 and 3C1 and also this year. After three years we spend time together in the same class, I have know some of their true colour. They have their own privileges and character that no one else didn’t have. They are very unique and special to me.

    Akmal had 5 siblings including him. His full name is Muhd. Akmal Bin Muhd. Salleh and he is the eldest. He and I have the same interest which is we love music. Eventhough our class is science course but Akmal wanted to be a singer. Akmal have a good voice and very talented in singing. Now, he had a band named Cloud 07 and he is the vocalist.

    Azim’s interest is different from Akmal which is Azim love sport. Muhd. Azim Bin Shahrin is second last in his 6 siblings. Sport that Azim loves is soccer. Azim is the striker in his soccer team that had been established since 2011. Azim is also the captain in his soccer team named Shaolin FC. He is a good player and I think that he can be the best Malaysian football player.

    The same thing that both of them have is they are very kind towards me. When I felt lonely or when I faced some problems, they will be there. Everytime when I need them, they will be always beside me. When I felt sad, they know how to cheer me up. When I happy, they also felt happy for me.
    In this modern time and age, a person who can be true to us is hard to find. Luckily, I found two people that very kind and I hope that our friendship everlasting until death separates us.

  114. Family
    I have the best family in the whole world. Whenever I face a problem, I will share it with my family and they will help me to find some ways to solve my problem. When I’m in a gloomy mood, they will cheer me up. They are my role model and they are my source of inspiration.

    My father’s name is Nuar Khan and my mother’s name is Zaleha Leman. As my parent, they are the most important person in my life. Without them, I would not exist in this world and did not have the opportunity to live in this world. They were the one who raise me and gave me education.

    I have three charming brothers and a sweet sister. As the eldest, my brother which age is 27 years old, Shah Zanuriman is a responsible and dependable person. When I need a help, he never refuse to give me a hand. My second brother’s name is Shah Adam. His age is 26 years old and he is the comedian of my family. He always makes us laugh with his funny attitude.

    The most handsome guy in my family is Shah Ameer that just reached 22 years old this year. He is the most diligent person in my family and also always helps me when I am in a trouble. Shazliana is my only sister and she is 21 years old. She still studies at Universiti Teknolongi Mara in Shah Alam and an intelligent person.

    As the youngest, I always have been pampered by my family. Because of the age range between me and the others siblings, they always treat me like I am still a child. As the results, I became a childish and immature boy. Eventhough they are over caring, but their original purpose is to protect me from bad influence. I will always love them until the end of my life.

  115. "If only I listen......."
    If only I listen to my parent's advice, I will not face any problem. But now , it was too late to regret the thing that I had do. Both of my hand, head, body and my left arm are wrapped with bandage and I am stranded at a bed in Hospital Sungai Buloh.

    I still remember when my age reached 17 years old, I asked my parent to make a license, so that I can ride motorcycle to school. My parent allowed me to take the driving school but with one condition which is I must do the best in my SPM. I felt very happy and jumped with joy. After I passed the driving test, my happiness doubled.

    At first, I only ride my father motorcycle to go to the school. But when the time passed, after a day turn to week and week turn to month, I started to forget about my promise towards my parent. Everyday I would round my village by riding the motorcycle. Sometimes, my pocket money was used to fill the petrol. I had gave my parent burden to give me extra money.

    My attitude become worse from day to day. In the night, I will hang out with my friends. I start to quit from studying in the night like I always do. My parents always complained about my attitude. I started to socialize with some good friend that brought to bad behavior. My result in test was bad and I had been scolded by my parent.

    One night, I wanted to went out to hang out. My mother prohibited me but I didn't hear her advice. When I met my friends , they had an illegal race among them. They asked me to join them. I tried to refused but they forced me to join them. At the starting line, I felt unpleasant but I still wanted to race. The race started and I ride as fast as lightning. Unluckily, there was a big hole. Then, I lost my stability and hit the divider of road.

    When I woke up, I noticed my parent were there patiently waiting me to woke up. I realize that friends only there when you are in good condition but family will always be the one we have when we faced problems. I felt regret and promise to myself to not break my parent hope again. I asked my parent forgiveness and turn over a new leaf.

    The End

  116. My Pet
    Pet can be definite as an animal that you keep at your home to give you company and pleasure. I also have a pet at my home a few years ago. It is a Persian cat named " Belang ".Belang orange in colour and it is a male cat. A good and bad experience along the time I rear Belang.

    The story begins at the first time I met Belang. At the time, I am on my way back to my home from school. Every day, I go and back to school by walking with my friends. When our destination was about 20 minutes to reach our home, suddenly I saw a cat fell into a drain. I am not thinking about the others thing and moving quickly to help the unlucky cat.

    I am pity with the cat because its body was full with dirty and smelly water from the drain. Its leg also had injured. I asked to all of my friends that was walking with me at that day about who was willing to keep that unlucky cat at their home. All of them gave negative answers and there were no volunteers. After a while, I decide to make the cat as my pet. We continue with our journey and I brought along the cat.

    After I reached at my home, I directly went to the bathroom and washed the cat. After the cat was been cleaned completely, I started to realize that the cat was very cute. It also have many striper on its body and I got an idea to named it ‘’Belang’’. After I finished washed the cat, suddenly my mom came up from the kitchen. I asked for her permission to make Belang as my mom allowed it. I feel very happy.

    After the incident, my relationship with Belang became closer. I had a big responsible to take care of Belang. Every day, I will feeds Belang with fresh fish that I got to at the river behind my house. Every evening, Belang also will wait for me at the front door of my house when I reached home from the school. Belang was very loyal to me and it also don’t have any time to find for his mate. Belang just stayed at my home and not interfered the others cat place. Because of that I love Belang so much.

    When the time past, Belang was getting older. At that age, Belang always liked to create many problems such as urinate and defecate everywhere to each side of my house. One day, Belang was involuntary defecate at my eldest brother’s bed. He was really mad with Belang’s behavior at that time and he decided to throw away from our house. He threw Belang at the market near my house. He did that bad activity when I am studying at school. When I arrived home, I didn’t saw Belang’s shadow anymore. I asked my mom and she said that Belang had been thrown by my brother. I am really disappointed with my brother.

    After that, I went to the market by bicycle. After 10 minutes, I reached the market. I searched for Belang at each side of the market. I searched for Belang with my full spirits and really hope that I could found it. After searching for about 40 minutes, I got a negative answer. All of my efforts were futile. Finally, I decided to go back to my house with my dramatic situation. I really miss Belang. Every day I will pray that Belang is always in a safe situation.

  117. My Best Friend
    A friend is someone who you know well and like, but who is not related to you. O have many friends at my school but I have one best friend that is special from the others. His name is Shah Azim Bin Muhd. Ramzi.

    We are in the same class since form one. At that time, we are only like the usual friends just like the others. But everything was started when I sit beside him at the class last year. From that time, our relationship become more closer and both of us be a best friend.

    Shah is very special to me. He is always be ready to teach me when I don't understand anything about some subject. I am not good in mathematics but shah always guide me so that I can perform the best in mathematics an other subjects..

    Shah also always comprehend with me. I always shared my problems with him and with using his way, he will give advice to me and try to settle all of my problems. Sometimes, Shah also share his problems with me and we can achieve the solution of our problems.

    Until right now, our relationship as best friend was never estranged because of our understanding. We have make a deal to be a best friend till the end of our life if the situation in good condition. . I really hope that our friendship will everlasting forever and ever.


  118. Kindness Essay- by azim

    Aleef and I are in the same class. We often play badminton on the school badminton court. Aleef and I were mutual exchange of shots on the badminton court. After an hour, we decided to go for a drink at Mak Temah's stall. On seeing us, Mak Temah's greeted us warmly.

    After our drink, we started to walk home. We had to cross a busy road near Mak Temah's stall.

    I asked Aleef, " My father is coming to fetch me. How about you?

    Aleef replied, " I'll take the bus home.

    " We were standing at the roadside and were about to cross the busy road when we saw a boy come running down the road. As he not see me standing there, he knocked into me.

    He said, " I'm so sorry."

    I looked curiously at the boy. Oh dear! He was crying. I wondered why he was crying.

    The boy said quickly, "It's my mother. She is at home. She had a heart attack!"I knew from my sister.

    And he continued, "I'm lookig for a taxi. The taxis will not stop.

    " I knew that it was difficult to get taxi. However, I also knew the boy's mother had to go to hospital. The boy looked very sad. He mother might die at home.

    Without hesitation, I offered to help. I am waiting for my father. I will phone him to come now."

    The boy replied, "You will? Oh, thank you so much!" So I quickly phoned my father to ask him to come at once. In a very urgent tone, I told him about the woman's heart attack. "Please come now, Papa. Someone may die of a heart attack!"

    Meanwhile, Aleef and I ran to the boy's home. The old lady was lying in bed. The boy ran to her mother. I helped him to get the old lady up to his feet. She could not stand up at all.Fortunately, Aleef and I were strong boys. We managed to drag the old lady all the way to the gront gate.

    By then, my father was outside waiting for us. He got out of the car and rushed over to help us. We reached the hospital in 15 minutes. The hospital attendants were waiting with a stretcher. They carried the old lady inside the hospital and put her in ICU room.

    The doctor checked her and told the boy who was looking very concerned, "Luckily, you all bought her to the hospital on time. And now, we have to perform surgery on her heart.She should survive the surgery."

    The boy turned to Aleef, my dad and me. He extended his hand and thanked us for helping him.

  119. My Dream

    Everybody has their own dreams and I have my own dreams.
    My dream is to become a footballer professional. It is important to me because it is the best way to revitalize my body, increase the country's name and make my parents happy. It is also fun and fascinating hobby.

    To realize this dream, I have been involved in football at school. It may be hard work but you might also achieve the hard work. Therefore, I try hard to be representative of the school in football. I was selected to be representative of the school in football. I can play the forward position and the left wing. I want to be like the Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie because he is a great striker and professional.

    When I had grown later, I want to represent the country to play in Asia and I also wanted to play football clubs in Europe.
    I want to bring honor to the country and make my family proud of me. I hope my dream will become reality soon because I want to be a great football player one day.

  120. MY PETS

    All people have a pet. I also have a pet. My pet name is Tomy. Tomy is a cute little kitten.Tomy has orange hair and very fluffy. I found Tomy close behind the house.

    Tomy always come to my house because when Tomy hungry. I always give food to Tomy. Not long after, I took the Tomy as my pets.Next day, I bought a house cat for Tomy. I put it house on the balcony. Every day after returning from school, I eat and play with Tomy. Tomy is a tame, mischievous and affectionate cat.Tomy always come to me after I returned from school. Tomy will be brushing up his bodyat on my feet. On weekends, I would bathe Tomy in the basin. At night, I will lull Tomy to sleep.

    One day after I returned from school, Tomy is not in it house. I am shocked and find it everywhere. After that, I have found the it trapped behind a cupboard. I came to Tomy and release it. This is the story of my pet.

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  124. Love
    LOVE? What is love? Love is a very special and meaningful word to each human being. Each human being has their own taught about love to guide themselves to land safely and smoothly into the kingdom of love. Without his preconceived idea of love, people would be acting like a blind person searching for the light with thousands of obstacles in front of him.

    What is love? I know this question exists in each human beings mind including me .If not it is still waiting to be discovered deeply in your heart. What do I think of love? To, for me, I believe love is a priceless diamond, because of a diamond has thousands of reflections and each reflections represents a meaning of love. With love I can accept person imperfections without any conditions and able to transfer the way I love myself to another person who I am fancy at. With love I can have the power against the loneliness, sadness, and illness and able to change them into my happiness. As well as, having a key to open my heart to look at this world. Without a mask, to show people who I really am. But on the other hand, my love cannot be a substitute for anything, which means nothing can be substituted for my love. It also means those reflections of the diamond cannot be replaced by any kind of light or reflection , because the untrue reflection will not be real diamond , and will not able to spread out its resplendent and meaningful reflection of love to people about whom I care.
    What will happen if people live without love? In my point view, without love I may lose my ability to survive in this world with no hope. Without love I can defined as a rat living in the sewer , with no chance to see our beautiful land and with no chance to lighten up myself against the darkness’s well as, I may lose many opportunities of enjoyment both mentally and physically , when I do not know what love is.
    Do you want to live with love or without love? For me my answer will be positive. Because I believe love is a special and meaningful diamond, which can spread out the reflections of love to people generously, as well as sending out the invitation to welcome my friends and people who I loved to come to my kingdom of love. Therefore people should not hesitate to own this priceless diamond to enhance your life as the way I enhanced mine. Lastly, I love everyone!

  125. school holiday
    During last school holiday, I spent a few days at my cousin’s house at Pulau Redang, a well-known sea resort. I shall never forget the visit.
    On the day I arrived at Pulau Redang, my cousin, Arief told me that she would do to make my stay there a very interesting one. He said that he would make a raft it in the sea. Then he would buy fishing net to catch some fish in shallow water near the coast. When I heard all this, I was very excited because it was one of the reasons that I had decided to visit my cousin. We then walked up to the beach which is near to his house.
    While we were there, sometime in the evening, the sea looked extremely beautiful. I saw the islands and hills in the distance, the birds in the air, and a few boys and girls playing on the beach. I also saw some fishermen coming out of the water with their catch. All this was indeed very interesting to look at.
    On the next day, my cousin and I collected some tree trunks from the forests nearby. As my cousin’s house is close to the sea, we decided to make the raft on the beach itself. It took us almost the whole morning to make the raft. We then had our lunch and went to Banting, the nearest town, to buy fishing net. After that we returned to my cousin’s house.
    In the evening we put the raft on the sea. The water was still high, but the raft floated well. My cousin and I sat on it and began to row it by using the oars that we had made ourselves. We felt very happy indeed and continued to row it. We remained on it for a long time, but it was already getting dark we did not go far. We returned to the shore and tied the raft to a tree.
    On the next day, we went out to catch some crabs and fish. We used the net that we had bought and caught a lot of fish. Then, we had our lunch and went out again on the raft. We continued to row it as far as we could. It was really a pleasure to be away from the shore. The sea was calm and we could row easily. My cousin told me many interesting things about Morib. We then returned to the seashore.
    In this way, I spent my holidays happily at Pulau Redang, a place I shall never forget with my beloved cousin.

  126. My Pet
    One day, when I walked home with my friends after finished school activities, suddenly I heard a strange voice. It is come from behind the bushes beside the road. All my friends taught it a ghost voice and scared. But suddenly something across my mind! I have to looked and checked for it. I came closer to the bushes and suddenly I saw two little kitten inside a box. All my friends were very shocked.

    The two little kittens were very cute. One is in white colour and another in brown colour. It seems like someone threw them away. The two little kittens looked so messy and full of mud. I feel liked the kitten kept calling me. I took it and I saw some scratches on its body. I was much sympathised with them and decided to take it home.

    Suddenly, I remembered something! My mom doesn`t like cat .Never mind, I still want to take them home. As I predicted, my mom do not allowed me to keep it as a pet. "Oh! No! I don`t like cat! It is full of fur and I am allergic to it! Keep it outside the house or else just give it someone else!

    I was very heavy-hearted to give the two little kittens to someone else. So, I decided to bought a cage and kept it as my pet since I don`t have pet either. I named them Justin and another one is Bieber. That’s was a cute name, right? I like Justin Bieber so much so I named them with his name.

    Every day I played with them after school. I gave them food and milk. I really love them so much! I still remembered that day when Justin suddenly sick. I was panicked. My mother took me and Justin to get a veterinarian. The doctor said Justin had a fever.

    Justin now have two little kitten while Bieber have 4 little kitten. They were all very cute like their mothers. I named them Lola, Lily, Lulu and Lala. I was really excited that time. Now, Justin, Bieber and their kitten live with me. I bought them a huge cage. It is easier for them to play.

    When I am having my bad mood or got angry with my mom, I will share it with my pet. They seems like understand what I feel about. I love them so much! This is all about my pet.

  127. My Dream .
    Dream? What is really mean about dream ? What can people nowadays understand about dream are? Referring to the oxford dictionary, dream is an ambition or ideal. To me, dream is something that we want to achieve in the future. Some dreams are ambitions but not every single ambition is dreams. For sure, everyone got its own dream what they want to do or what they want to be one day.

    Have you all heard about chocolate? Yeah, I am sure everyone knows about it. Chocolate; a solid food or powder made from roasted cocoa. It tastes extremely delicious to me. I like it, I love it, and I am addicted to it. Chocolate is my true love. Well, I want to be the boss of a famous chocolate factory one day.

    That is my dream. Open a famous and delicious chocolate factory ever! I want to make chocolate and eat it. There are many types of chocolate such as dark chocolate, dairy milk chocolate. white chocolate and even can make a hot chocolate too. Emm! Yummy! Besides making chocolate, I want to open a shop which sold all my chocolate there.

    I want to open a chocolate factory because I love to eat chocolate. Like what most people say, chocolate can make someone happy, whether they are in a good mood or not .Just one bite of chocolate can make you feel happy all the time.

    To me, a quality is more important in making my own chocolate. I will make the chocolate from the best materials such as cocoa and also fresh milk from my own farm. I will rear cow on my own so that I will ensure the cow will produce many milk and have the good quality for making my chocolate. Also, sell my products with a cheap price but affordable and have a very high quality in making it. I am sure everyone will love it as much as I love it.

    I want to name my chocolate factory as Framboise which is mean raspberry in French. I want to spread up my business to all over the world. Well, maybe someday my chocolate will become a famous chocolate that time. I have to work hard to ensure that my dream not just a fantasy like what most people believes. I want to prove it to them that I can make my dream a reality.

  128. Farid,the kind boy.
    Kindness is defined as a good things that we do to the people for no reason except we want to make them happy. Kindness may come to many different ways. Farid is a 17years old teenager. He is a students in Sekolah Taman Sri Bestari .Farid was the one of the top students in the school. He is well-respected prefect in the school. Everyone including his teachers like to talk and feel comfortable discuss with him.

    Not only excellent in his studies, but also very he is very active in sports. He was the captain of the football team in his school. What makes most of the girl attracted to him is his smile. He likes to smile and his smile was very charming.

    Farid come from a rich family and has a very good family's background. His father owns a well-named company. He likes to help his friends. He teaches and guides them when they having trouble in studies. Farid also help his friend who’s got the finance problem. He sometimes treats them a lunch.

    Farid is a very kind son. He always helps his mother and his father at home. During the evening, his family always spend time together at their backyard. Farid loves to help his mother plant some flowers such as hibiscus. His family really loves him. Farid has a little sister named Dina.Dia was in form 1 this year. Farid always help Dina in studies .Besides, when Dina problems at school, Farid always are a very good listener to Dina.

    Farid was a caring boy too. He shows his kindness when he help one cute girl at the park. He actually wants to have a jog at the park. Suddenly, he saw the little girl, named Lia were crying over and over. Farid ask Lia why she is crying. Lia said that her ice-cream was stolen by the bad kids. Farid persuade her and bought her a new ice-cream. Lia were very happy and continue plays swing at the playground.

    Well, Farid also have the sympathy to the old man. One day when Farid and his friends have a window shopping at the shopping mall, he suddenly saw an old man trying to cross the road. Farid then rushed to get the old man and give a help to him. The old man thanked to Farid and gives some money to Farid. But, Farid refuse to take the money. How kind he is.

    Farid was a very good and generous boy which everyone respects him. He then got an excellent result in his SPM examinations. We should follow his kindness and used it in our daily life.

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